Zela Claiborne

Zela Claiborne

 Zela 'Zee' G. Claiborne, Esq., a full-time neutral since 1998, specializes in the resolution of complex domestic and international business disputes. As both a mediator and arbitrator, Ms. Claiborne is held in the highest regard by counsel for her exceptional listening skills, fairness, calming influence when diffusing volatile situations, and ability to reconstruct fractured business relationships. As a mediator, Ms. Claiborne is known for being tenacious in order to achieve settlements. As an arbitrator, she is known for her managerial style as well as for her fairness and approachability. She has extensive experience acting as sole arbitrator as well as chairing and serving on tripartite panels in arbitrations of all types.

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Website: www.jamsadr.com/claiborne/

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