William Hymes

William Hymes

Dr. Hymes has been practicing thoracic surgery in the Louisville, KY area since 1993, but still considers himself both a “recovering New Yorker” and a “recovering bully.”  Educated in New York, Massachusetts and Texas, he is now pursuing a masters degree in conflict management at Sullivan University in Louisville. 

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Articles and Video:

Mediation Styles (03/30/15)
Conflict is not unique to humans, but it can be said that the involvement of third parties in conflict, for better or worse, is a distinctly human activity and it has been around since Man began speaking and walking erect. Given this history, it is unsurprising that over time, innumerable styles, techniques and customs have come into play, and it is further unsurprising that the relative merits, and applicability of of these techniques have become the topic of scrutiny, study and academic debate.

Top 10 Forgiveness Myths (07/18/13)
While superficially forgiveness seems pretty clear, there remains a great deal of profound misunderstanding and much of what we have been taught is misleading. This might be an opportunity for clarifying the ten most common myths about forgiveness.

Dzhokar Tsarnaev (05/16/13)
As we find ourselves satiated with the lurid details of the Boston Marathon Bombing, we notice the comic relief story: “Social Media Shows Support for Alleged Bomber’s Innocence." The temptation here is to either chuckle at Dzhokhar’s supporters’ refusal to accept the incursion of reality into their lives or express anger that there is any support at all for one who seems likely to have committed such an atrocity, and utilize this as an opportunity to allow ourselves to exclude these voices and belittle their message.

Steubenville Tragedy Needs Effective Communication (03/25/13)
The divisiveness and acrimony that played out in this past fall's trial of two lacrosse players that sexually assaulted an intoxicated young lady is playing out again in Northeastern Ohio in a similar way. Because of the adversarial nature of the judicial process this has been traumatic for everyone involved, including the victim, the rapists, their friends and families the community at large and even the CNN correspondent covering the trial. The only hope of dealing and restoring the fabric of the community is a restorative intervention, which may also be useful in developing a program of prevention.

Practical Limits of Compassion: Time for a Candid Discussion? (06/28/12)
An abundance of current literature espouses increased compassionate behavior without an acknowledgement of the limitations, risk and common pitfalls of this behavior. As educators responsible for advocating this behavior we have both a responsibility and an obligation to insure safe practice and promulgate guidelines for injury awareness and control, prudent practice and personal recharge and repair.