Lance Soskin

Lance Soskin

Lance Soskin is the President of eQuibbly.  eQuibbly is a web application created to help people resolve their disputes quickly and fairly online.  His mission is to provide disputing parties with an alternative to the government-run justice system.  He believes that dispute resolution should be guided by principles of fairness and equity rather than the often perplexing, technicality-riddled and overly-rigid laws imposed on attorneys and the courts.

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Articles and Video:

Why Disputes are Best Resolved Online Rather than In-Person (04/22/13)
Lance Soskin suggests certain benefits that come with using recent technology for resolving disputes. The author posits that these benefits outweigh the concerns that also come with resolving disputes online.

Cost of Small Claims Court vs. Mediation (03/08/13)
When people are faced with a dispute, they often must decide if they would prefer to proceed in Small Claims Court or in Mediation. This article helps people evaluate the time and money required for an average Small Claims suit.