Shaun Lee

Shaun Lee

Shaun Lee is an associate in Singapore and part of the Arbitration & Dispute Resolution practice at Olswang Asia LLP.

Prior to joining Olswang, he has had experience working under one of Asia's foremost arbitrators and has worked as an associate in the local office of an international law firm as well as in a highly regarded new dispute resolution team in a prominent local firm. Shaun also blogs on international arbitration related matters at   

Aside from international arbitration matters, Shaun has also assisted, represented and advised clients on cross-border restructuring & insolvency exercises as well as multi-jurisdictional compliance and investigatory exercises in the area of anti-corruption and trade sanctions.

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Articles and Video:

Arbitration Case Update (01/11/14)
This article discusses the case of Piallo GmbH v Yafriro International Pte Ltd, [2013] SGHCR 20 (“Yafriro (AR)”). The issue was whether a claim on certain dishonoured cheques paid pursuant to a Distributorship Agreement could avoid a stay of court proceedings for reference to arbitration pursuant to an arbitration clause in that agreement.

Subpoena of Third Party’s Documents in Aid of Arbitration (10/04/13)
This is a good and interesting example of how the Singapore courts can and will exercise its powers in aid of an arbitration. It is a good example of the importance of the courts assisting the process of arbitration while minimising curial intervention.

Astro’s Appeal to Indonesian Supreme Court Fails (09/13/13)
Our readers would be aware that we have written a fair bit on the Astro-Lippo dispute, including the background of the dispute, what the dispute tells us about enforcement in arbitration as well as the parties’ skirmishes before the Hong Kong and Indonesian courts.

Accountants Not Entitled to Assert Legal Advice Privilege (02/15/13)
The High Court reaffirmed the proposition that legal professional privilege does not apply, at common law, in relation to any professional other than a qualified lawyer, that is, a solicitor or barrister, or an appropriately qualified foreign lawyer. Accordingly, even though a claims consultant firm may be staffed by legally trained employees, any advice rendered by the firm, including advice that is legal in nature will not be protected by legal advice privilege.

Technology and Outsourcing Hot Spots Series (5): Multi-Tier and Unilateral Arbitration Clauses (01/25/13)
In Part 4 of our Technology and Outsourcing Hot Spots Series, we considered how a properly drafted dispute resolution clause can give parties an appropriate dispute resolution mechanism which allows for an enforceable decision and avoids costly and time consuming jurisdictional fights prior to the determination of the substantive dispute. Such considerations apply with especial force in multi-tier arbitration clause and unilateral arbitration clauses.