Sherri Donovan

Sherri Donovan

Sherri Donovan is a family mediator, neutral evaluator, collaborative practitioner and parent coordinator. She is also an adjunct professor of forensic psychology and family law at the Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies, Adelphi University. As director of the Sherri Donovan & Associates, P.C. Family Center in New York City, and a practice for nearly thirty years, Sherri has assisted over 8000 families. She has lectured extensively on family dispute resolution for the United Nations, AFCC, Academy of Professional Family Mediators, Association of Divorce Financial Planners, and the Forensic and Family Law Training Program. Sherri is also the President of Art Helping Life, Inc., a nonprofit that is currently conducting educational programs for children in West Africa and providing material support.

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Articles and Video:

Family Mediation In The Digital Age (04/17/15)
Twenty-first century technology will continue to impact family life and mediation. The family mediator’s awareness of the possible positive and inflammatory influences of the internet, may be instrumental in effectively identifying and resolving the modern family’s disputes. Social media, cyber abuse, the child’s computer voice, the use of a forensic computer expert and the futuristic divorce are factors to be considered in the practice of family mediation.

Special Needs Education Dispute Resolution (01/18/13)
Caring for a special needs child involves an often overwhelming lifelong commitment that introduces an added strain to the parents’ own relationship, which can increase the likelihood of divorce. Mediation can be especially valuable to divorcing parents of a special needs child—both during and after the divorce process itself. This articles helps parents to discuss special considerations for themselves and their children.