Debra Dupree

Debra Dupree

Debra Dupree is the Director of Training for Dana Mediation Institute, a training, coaching and mediation service provider specializing in workplace conflict resolution strategies. With over 20 years of experience in disability issues, she serves as an EEOC SMART Mediator, has published on the application of mediation to disability issues, and was the former President for the California Association of Rehabilitation & Re-Employment Professionals (CARRP). Dupree has experience in mediating disability- and other Title VII-related disputes in the federal sector, healthcare, manufacturing, and utility industries.

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Articles and Video:

The Psychology of Conflict and the Art of Compassion (05/17/19)
This article is designed to shift how we manage people in emotionally intense situations.

Mediating Reasonable Accommodations for ADA Cases: What every mediator needs to know (03/17/03)
When faced with the impact of disability in the workplace, both the employee and employer often lack appropriate information about the interactive reasonable accommodation process, their rights and responsibilities under the law, and the disability itself.