Don Cripe

Don Cripe

Donald Cripe is a Law Professor (Mediation/ADR), Univ. of La Verne College of Law; Superior Court Judicial Arbitrator since 1996—having conducted several hundred arbitrations; Settlement Judge since 1996; Family Law Mediator-Riverside Superior Court Mandatory Dispute Resolution Conference Program; General Mediator-Dispute Resolution Services, Riverside; Civil Mediator- Riverside County Superior Court; Riverside Superior Court Mediation Panel; Inland Valleys Justice Center’s Mediation Panel. Have conducted in excess of 3000 mediations on a wide variety of matters, including most of which have been indentified in my professional experience section. I conduct Fee Arbitrations for the Riverside County Bar Assn. I have also been on the Panel of Independent Arbitrators for Kaiser Health Plans and am a Guest Lecturer for Family Law Mediation Students at the Loma Linda University Graduate School of Psyc. Final stages of being accepted to the panel of Arbitrators & Mediators for the American Arbitration Association. Arbitrator and Mediator for the American Health Lawyers Association. 1996-Present: Judicial Arbitrator1996-2001: Settlement Judge (acting) San Bernardino Fam Ct 1999-Present: Mediator Riverside DRS 1999-Present: Mediator Riverside Sup. Ct 2003-Present: Mediator: Riverside Fam Court 2006-Present: Special Master, Riverside Sup, Ct 2009-Present: Mediation Panel-Riverside Sup. Ct 2009-Present: Mediator/Arbitrator for IVJC 2009-2011: Kaiser Independent Arbitrator 2011-Present: Am Arb Ass'n: Mediator/Arbitrator 2012-Present: Am Health Lawyers Ass'n: Mediator/Arbitrator.

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Chemistry and the World of Mediation (05/13/22)
I have been fortunate in the more than 25 years I have been mediating cases. I have met and worked with a great number of fine lawyers and laypeople and have learned about how people tend to think and what they want when in a dispute.

Lawyers’ Math and Mediation (03/18/22)
Legend has it that a judge once stated aloud, “the older a case gets the less valuable it becomes” (to the litigants).

The Pendulum Has Swung (12/20/21)
So, what does it mean to the recalcitrant lawyer when it comes to ODR resistance?

Is My Bias Showing? (12/27/20)
In his recent book, Online Courts and The Future of Justice, author Richard Susskind posits, “…litigants do not really want courts, judges, lawyers, rules of procedure, and the rest. More likely, they want not to have a problem at all."

Why Do We Do These Things? (10/16/15)
I am certain that I have learned more about the law and human beings in my 18 years of mediation experience than I ever believed possible. I am constantly amazed, and I mean that term sincerely, with the things I have witnessed my lawyer colleagues do in mediation.

Settle Your Personal Injury Claim Before A Lawsuit Is Filed (06/01/15)
As a retired lawyer who handled many personal injury cases (both as a defense lawyer and for plaintiffs), an Arbitrator and Mediator who has handled many, many more, some things become ever more obvious as the years pass. Resolving most personal injury cases before a lawsuit is filed (or at least before the defense files an answer) accomplishes most of the objectives of the parties more quickly and efficiently than after.

Divorce: Emergency Tumor Removal Surgery (05/01/15)
Analogizing health care with other emergent situations may be a stretch to some, but it is valid. Couples on the bumpy glide to divorce are almost always in pain; they are facing one of the most dramatic life changes they will ever experience (some social scientists liken divorce to the death of a family member); the finances of the crisis are always a concern; and life after divorce will be disrupted for an indefinite time.

Shooting Yourself in the Foot (08/08/14)
One of the earliest “learned professions” in the Western world is the law.  A reading of ancient history from the earliest beginnings of Western civilization will reveal allusions to lawyers.  Popes, kings and feudal governments in medieval Europe relied heavily upon lawyers to guide them.  Yet, from early days and primarily because of the educational and status advantages lawyers held over most of society, the profession has suffered from poor public opinion and criticism; literature and in popular culture with the onset of the “lawyer joke.”

Mediation: A Way Out or Hard Work? (07/18/14)
After I closed my law practice in favor of providing full-time ADR services, I bumped into an old-time mediator whom I had known for many years. When I told him of the change in my career he commented, “So, you don’t want to work so hard anymore.” This article is my reflection on his observations.

Are More Changes Afoot? Mediation Trends in 2014 (01/02/14)
Personal injury law is far more complicated in application than many people might believe. The title of this piece is thus phrased as a question because… frankly… I don’t know the answer. This article discusses the future of the mediation field.

Mediation is Always . . . Voluntary? (09/06/13)
In this millennium of cost cutting and financial disarray in the court system, it is even more important than ever for attorneys to rescue their clients from the mess.  Avoiding conflict begins at the very beginning stage of every business relationship by anticipating every “what if” possible when drafting agreements and contracts.  Thus, I propose that every agreement, including Marital Settlement Agreements/Stipulated Judgments, should include contractual mediation provisions, as explained in this article.

Closing and the Mediated Agreement (07/07/13)
Most experienced mediators insist that there be “ink on paper” before the session adjourns. Without fulfilling this duty, the mediator may face the situation encountered by many beginning mediators, i.e., that one of the parties suffers “buyer’s remorse” and chooses to back out of the agreement.

The Boogeyman of California Family Law (06/13/13)
People in a dispute have an increasing number of options for resolving their dispute. Those resolving family disputes have mediation as an option as well as many services provided by local courts.

The Art of Mediation in the Real World (02/22/13)
This mediator gives examples from his life about his mediation style. He discusses mediation techniques that have been successful for him and reflects on the practices he has seen.

Shhh. It's a Secret! (01/04/13)
This article discusses mediation cases involving insurance carriers. It discusses how mediators can resolve personal injury cases--specifically when one party enters the mediation with a perception of unfairness.

Court Mediation Programs: An Endangered Species? (12/08/12)
The role of alternative dispute resolution has always been the ugly cousin of litigation. Lawyers were trained that the only means to a just end was a trial by jury. Of course, seasoned lawyers, particularly those who have suffered surprising and disappointing outcomes of jury trials, are slowly realizing that may not be the case.

Mediation is Underused in Civil Cases (11/10/12)
Don Cripe is a law professor and experienced attorney/mediator. He shares his point of view as a lawyer, giving insight into how lawyers view and use the mediation process.