Michael Rooni

Michael Rooni

After receiving his business degree in 1990, Michael Rooni went to law school for formal education and training in law and mediation. As part of his education and training, he focused on the clinical and practical applications of communication and dispute resolution. He enrolled in multiple clinical programs and in 1992 began helping real people resolve real conflicts using mediation and communication skills. He earned his doctorate in jurisprudence in 1993 and has been a member of the State Bar of California since 1994.

He is an appointee to the Los Angeles Superior Court Voluntary Settlement Conference Panel. Mr. Rooni has helped resolve very complex and contentious personal, business, and legal conflicts using litigation, mediation, and communication methods. Currently, he mediates high-conflict disputes and trains corporate employees, business owners, couples, and individuals in the fields of communication and dispute resolution. He has participated in, observed, and studied thousands of communications in his search for the most attractive and effective communication and dispute resolution methods. Mr. Rooni is a sought-after, high-impact speaker, practitioner, and consultant in the areas of communicative effectiveness and dispute resolution. 

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Website: attractivecommunication.com

Articles and Video:

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