Marty Latz

Marty Latz

 Marty Latz, the Founder and Chairman of ExpertNegotiator and the Latz Negotiation Institute, is a nationally acclaimed expert on negotiation strategy and tactics.  An adjunct professor for negotiation at Arizona State University’s College of Law from 1995 to 2005, Latz has taught over 70,000 business professionals and lawyers how to more effectively negotiate.  His credentials include:


  • Negotiated for The White House nationally and internationally on The White House Advance Teams, 1993–1995
  • Author, Gain the Edge! Negotiating to Get What You Want, (St. Martin's Press 2004)
  • Appeared as a negotiation expert on CBS' The Early Showand such national business shows as Your Money and First Business
  • Adjunct Professor of Law for Negotiation, Arizona State University College of Law, 1995-2005
  • Negotiation consultant and trainer for major corporations and law firms nationwide
  • Negotiation columnist, The Arizona Republic
  • Studied under Roger Fisher, co-author of Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In
  • Harvard Law School graduate, cum laude


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Articles and Video:

Hard Line Negotiation Leverage Trumps Fair, Reasonable (01/11/14)
This article discusses a classic negotiation battle between leverage and standards. The buyer appears to have strong leverage (probably a really good Plan B to the Plan A with the seller). And the seller has strong independent, objective standards ˆ powerful justifications for a higher sale price.

Dealing with Micro-Negotiators (12/27/12)
"I can’t believe they want to negotiate every single point," my client said. "It makes no sense. These are standard terms, and many of their changes represent no functional difference."

When to Limit the Power to Concede (11/16/12)
I was recently asked "How much authority should we give our front-line negotiators? They constantly ask for more, but the more we give, the more they use. On the other hand, they aren’t taken seriously if we don’t give them enough."

Try to Build Important Partnerships (11/05/12)
I’m often asked how detailed to get involving partners’ roles and responsibilities. I usually recommend more detail rather than less. While you can’t deal with everything, addressing the ground rules governing the relationship often forces the parties to really uncover what’s important to each and how and under what circumstances they want to work together.

Lowering Your Dream Car's Price Means Raising Your Knowledge (10/01/12)
This article uses the example of buying a car to demonstrate how to successfully negotiate. It shows what to research ahead of time and how to know when to be strong and when to bend.

Consider Creativity, Framing in Negotiation (09/04/12)
The author reflects on negotiation tips he learned when teaching negotiation in Singapore. He discusses similarities he has observed across cultures as well as negotiation approaches inherent to the Singapore culture.


Gain the Edge - Streaming
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Gain the Edge is a 3-hour strategic negotiation course featuring Marty Latz's 5 Golden Rules of Negotiation. Learn the Power of Strategic Negotiation.

Rule One: Information is Power--So Get It.
Rule Two: Maximize Your Leverage.
Rule Three: Employ "Fair" Objective Criteria.
Rule Four: Design and Offer and Concession Strategy.
Rule Five: Control the Agenda.

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