Rosa Perez Martell

Rosa Perez Martell

Rosa Pérez Martell, is a Lecturer and a member of Legal Sciences Faculty of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) Spain.

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Articles and Video:

Health, Mediation, and the Sustainable Development Goal 3 (03/06/20)
Organizations, professionals and users of health services find themselves in a scenario in which the existence of conflicts within the health system is a reality.

New Normative on Mediation in Spain (Part Two) (09/04/12)
This article discusses the role of the mediator, including status, fees and responsibility. It also examines the mediation process and the enabling requirements for a successful mediation.

New Normative on Mediation in Spain (Part One) (08/20/12)
This article gives an overview of new mediation legislature in Spain. It then provides well-worded and well-conceived definitions of Confidentiality, Good Faith, Swiftness, Affordability, and Free Will.