Kathy Goodman

Kathy Goodman

Kathy Komaroff Goodman is a founding Principal at ACCORD, a collaborative of conflict management and resolution specialists serving individuals and businesses. The goal of ACCORD is to assist our clients in moving from destructive modes of conflict engagement towards the development of constructive modes of conflict resolution.   Ms. Goodman is Founder and CEO of a family business, Katherine Komaroff Fine Arts, Inc., and understands the culture of the creative arts sector and the business community.  As an art dealer, she negotiated sales between buyer and seller, built private and corporate collections, managed a staff, resolved disputes, and interacted with arts foundations and organizations.
Kathy received her M.S. in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution from Columbia University in 2013. Her undergraduate degree is from the University of California, Berkeley in both art history and psychology.  Ms. Goodman is a trained mediator and received her training from the New York Peace Institute (NYPI) and Columbia University.  Ms. Goodman mediates at the New York Peace Institute, and the New York Civil Courts.  Her Master’s thesis took a comprehensive look at “Engaging emotions in self and parties in the mediation context.”  It is a given that emotions are central to both the formation and the resolution of conflicts and her work embraces the value of emotions as a window to underlying needs and issues of the conflict situation.  Ms. Goodman is certified to administer the Emotional Intelligence assessment (EQ-I 2.0)  and the Neethling Brain Instrument (NBI) to individuals and groups, to interpret the results and then to coach on the basis of the data.  These assessments are useful tools in many contexts, including workplace, marital and family disputes.   Kathy has collaborated with NYPI to move her thesis work from theory into practice.  She has created and delivered enhanced mediator training modules focusing on mediator self-awareness and self-regulation.

Kathy Komaroff Goodman is a member of: the Association of Conflict Resolution, the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution, Mediators Beyond Borders, the Center for Conflict Studies at the Monterey Institute, the Art Dealers Association of America, the Joseph Campbell Foundation where she serves as Vice President. 

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Articles and Video:

An Action Plan for Family Business Conflicts (08/19/15)
Hurtful relationship remarks can be understood as expressions of unmet needs for respect, appreciation, autonomy and acknowledgement. Unfortunately, even mild expressions of frustrations felt in family businesses, if left unattended, have consequences. Family business disputes are especially emotional, and repeated hurts and miscommunications accumulate into grudges, damaging silence, and feelings of injustice. They can, and often do, result in costly legal actions among family members. Relationships can become difficult or impossible to heal after such ordeals.

Mediating Between the Mediation Models - Part 3 (08/06/12)
This final section of the Mediation Models article gives an example: What if you had two clients at the table that have a different expectation of what the mediation model will look like? Kathy Goodman presents some practical ideas and literature references to mediate between multiple models.

Mediating Between the Mediation Models - Part 2 (07/30/12)
This article discusses the three most prominent models of mediation: Evaluative, Facilitative, and Transformative. It then compares them with the four mediation stories discussed in Part 1.

Mediating Between the Mediation Models - Part 1 (07/23/12)
This article discusses the four stories of the mediation process:  Satisfaction, Social Justice, Transformation, and Oppression. It explains the four stories and then compares them.