Laura Snoke

Laura Snoke

Laura J. Snoke is an attorney and mediator who provides legal and mediation services to homeowners associations, homeowners, and other clients throughout Southern California.  She is on the panel of CAI-GLAC mediators. She is a member of and Southern California Mediation Association.  She has been practicing law for over 30 years, specializing in representing homeowners associations and their members, as well as general civil practice including legal malpractice defense, construction disputes, tort and contract claims, and real property and business disputes.  She has been a practicing mediator for approximately 13 years, and am planning on transitioning into full-time mediation.


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Articles and Video:

Always Expect the Unexpected (04/17/15)
As an attorney and mediator for many years, I have learned the most important lesson for mediation: always expect the unexpected. Whether the parties send formal, lengthy briefs, replete with numerous citations to both facts and legal authorities, or whether they simply show up at the mandated start time, there are always surprises. A good mediator must be ready to handle any situation that arises, with patience, flexibility and a good sense of humor.

The Benefits of Mediation for Common Interest Communities (06/11/12)
Mediation is of particular usefulness for common interest communities; it is even required prior to filing of certain types of litigation and required for initially attempting to resolve disputes between homeowner associations and their members. The article discusses the benefits of mediation for this particular community.