Michael Wright

Michael Wright

Michael S. Wright, JD, CPC is a licensed attorney (New York, Massachusetts) and certified professional coach.  He is the founder of Dream Brightly, a coaching and facilitation practice that works with change agents interested in leading from the inside out. Michael brings nearly 20 years of experience to his practice, having led cutting edge social impact projects for the American Psychological Association, Harvard University’s Center for Business and Government, the Shriver Center, and the United Nations, including work on a small team of advisors to the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative on Business and Human Rights. 

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Website: dreambrightly.com/about

Articles and Video:

Mediation & Coaching: A Common Core (01/22/16)
Uncovering a client’s deeper needs and interests is the secret sauce of mediation. As it turns out, it’s also the heart of good coaching and communication.

Conflict Resolution - The Indispensable Inner Life (04/17/12)
This article highlights the relationship of our thoughts and beliefs to our experience of conflict. It contends that our view of conflict is formed internally and, when left unquestioned, projects and holds itself externally in our conflict situation. It is argued that this dynamic blocks us from seeing anything other than the internal thoughts and beliefs that generated the conflict in the first instance. This also in turn blocks our realization of solutions. The article then points out that mediators are in a critical position to support client examination of conflict producing thoughts and beliefs, giving examples of a few common facilitative techniques that support client questioning of his/her thoughts.