Michael Coyne

Michael Coyne

Michael L. Coyne is Massachusetts School of Law's Associate Dean, as well as a professor of law. He teaches Civil Procedure and Conflict Resolution, Evidence, Case Preparation and Strategy, and Remedies. He is a graduate of Boston Latin School, Boston State College, and Suffolk University Law School. He previously practiced law in Boston, MA, representing clients in civil litigation matters in state and federal courts. He has been a trial attorney for many years and specializes in complex litigation. He is the author of the electronic casebook Modern Procedural Remedies, has written many articles for publication, has lectured for a national bar review company, and serves as Associate Producer of MSLAW’s four television shows.

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Website: www.mslaw.edu/Faculty_ProfCoyne.htm

Articles and Video:

Michael Coyne: A Lawyer's View of ADR - Video (03/08/11)
Michael Coyne, Associate Dean of the Massachusetts School of Law hosts a Question of Law, with the topic being Dispute Resolution. Guests include Judge Peter Agnes and Brian Burke, Assistant Attorney General.