Giuseppe Leone

Giuseppe Leone

Giuseppe Leone is a professional commercial and workplace mediator living in Hawaii. He became interested in online mediation in 1999, when no video conferencing software was available on PCs yet.

Giuseppe believes that the success of an online mediation depends mainly on the mediator’s skills and experience - not on the video conferencing software being used. That said, for his online mediation practice he prefers Zoom. In addition, he trains mediators - one-on-one, hands-on - how to be 100% ready and prepared when they offer online mediation to their clients.

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Articles and Video:

4 Things You Definitely Need to Become an Accomplished Online Mediator (05/18/20)
The success of online mediation depends 95% on your mediation experience and skills.

Small Claims Courts 2.0 - Online Dispute Resolution in Action at Franklin County Municipal Court (03/09/18)
For decades now, small claims courts have been offering a great service to our society. But now that most of us have a smart-phone, they can do an even better job.

Promoting Online Dispute Resolution in Africa - A Simple, Pragmatic Approach (12/11/15)
The bad news in Africa is that, while mobile devices are very common, only few people know what ODR means, and how it can help them resolve disputes quickly and inexpensively.

Body Language in Online Mediation - What Do We Miss? (10/24/14)
Leaving aside for a moment the question as to whether the "limited" body language in online dispute resolution is sufficient or not for doing our job, I believe that while for us mediators body language is a key factor, from the parties' perspective it is not the "only" factor. For them, there are other important factors to consider.

Online Mediation Helps Mediators Practice and Improve Their Skills (12/13/13)
For a variety of reasons, mediators-in-training are finding it is helpful to supplement their existing training with online role-plays. Online Mediation Training participants, or those transitioning to mediation while working or studying full-time, will appreciate the ease and convenience of conducting their mediation role-plays, debriefs, and feedback online.

From Giuseppe Leone (10/14/13)
After 18 years, is still the only reliable source of information for ADR and ODR practitioners around the world. Congratulations.

One Language and One Video at a Time (05/03/13)
Online mediation is becoming increasingly popular. Giuseppe Leone is hoping to build on this popularity by using Skype to give mediators practice at testing their dispute resolution skills. Mr. Leone also points out that viewing a mediation role play can alleviate some clients' fears of the unknown.

Online Mediation via Skype Video Tutorial (01/06/13)
In the past 12 months, running over 100 online mediation simulations with Skype for the ACR Hawaii pilot project Virtual Mediation Lab (with mediators from around the world) has taught us many lessons. One of them is that online mediators should master the software/platform they use.

5 Lessons Learned From Running Over 100 Online Mediation Simulations via Skype (01/04/13)
No doubt, there is still so much we need to learn about online mediation. But with so many people already using devices (computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones) with video capabilities, the question is no longer whether online mediation is going to take root - but simply how fast.

Mediation Skills Development Around the World - with Skype. It Works. (07/09/12)
In March 2012, a Virtual Mediation Lab was proposed to facilitate the online training of mediators around the world. Fifty online mediation simulations later – run with 62 mediators from 22 countries -- this is what we found out: It works.

Mediation Skills Development Around the World - with Skype (03/05/12)
This article discusses the practical steps in setting-up an online training system. This model uses Skype and a variety of mediation methods. It is run by the ACR Hawaii Chapter, and is used by mediators from around the world.