Ann Begler

Ann Begler

Ann L. Begler is the founder and principal of the Begler Group, a Pittsburgh firm providing services in mediation, advanced facilitation, conflict coaching and organizational development. Her work has supported major and lasting shifts within intimate systems such as closely-held businesses and professional practices; healthcare institutions dealing with adverse events and staff conflicts; non-profit board-staff relationships; internal business units; family relationships and a range of municipal entities.

Ms. Begler has dedicated her lengthy career to helping people and organizations strengthen relationships and navigate conflicts. She obtained her undergraduate degree from the University of Pittsburgh in 1971 and her law degree from Duquesne University School of Law in 1975. She spent a substantial part of her career as a litigation attorney and managing partner of her law firm. Ms. Begler took her initial training in mediation in 1982 and in the years that followed, she completed numerous trainings in advanced mediation and conflict resolution, completed four years of basic and advanced training in gestalt therapy, and completed internationally recognized certificate programs in both organizational and systems development and group process facilitation and intervention. Her training includes obtaining certification to use the Conflict Dynamics Profile assessment tool, advanced conflict training in the Kilmann Conflict Styles and special training in conflict coaching and elder mediation. Eleven years ago she terminated her work in the traditional practice of law to focus her practice solely on mediation, organizational consulting and conflict coaching.

Ms. Begler an active mediator for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) mediation program, has been a mediator for the US Postal Service’s REDRESS Program and is a mediator for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s (UPMC’s) Intermediation Program. Ms. Begler is a qualified mediator for the Federal District Court’s Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) program in the Western District. She also serves as a mediator for the conflict management program sponsored by the Local Government Academy with a focus on helping municipalities formulate and constructively implement municipal joint planning agreements. Ms. Begler is the the Pennsylvania Superior Court’s Western District mediator and mediates court appeals arising within the civil, family and estate areas of the courts.

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Articles and Video:

Conflict Competency in Healthcare Organizations (03/22/13)
Ann Begler describes the interaction between mediators and healthcare organizations. She believes that both fields need each other and could be a benefit to the other field.

Beginnings, Middle, and the End (10/19/12)
This articles talks about the natural, cyclical process of holidays and mediations. They all have a natural beginning, middle, and end.

Conflict, Narrow Places, and Rebirth (04/30/12)
As part of the Easter story, we are taught a lesson about the possibility of redemption and deliverance. In fact, we are taught about the miracle of seeing that even one who has lost all life -- that one who has died -- can be renewed and can find life, again ... Whether we are in the midst of our own conflict, or we are someone who helps others to work out conflict, these stories, and the powerful and compatible lessons, provide us with useful guidance.

The Role of Victory and Place in Conflict (02/13/12)
My personal philosophy is that in order to truly perform our work at our best we’re required to be on a constant course of self-reflection and in a process of continual self-growth. Several years ago I embarked on a four-year study program of Integrated Kabbalistic Healing. At the time I wasn’t sure how that course of study would become integrated into the work I do in mediation and conflict resolution. As I’ve moved well beyond that particular training, I’ve found, somewhat to my surprise, that the teachings that began with my training frequently filter through my work deep ways ...

High Conflict Mediation and Ethics (01/30/12)
Working with high conflict people requires skill that goes well beyond facilitating a conversation. Some mediators do it well and some should never try. If a mediator sees it as his or her responsibility to make a fair assessment about competency in this regard, everyone is well served – clients, mediator and the system, itself.

The Anti-Antagonist: Notes from a Roadtrip -- Conflict and Change (11/28/11)
The events of the trip have given me pause to think, once again, about something at the heart of the work for every mediator, conflict coach and, for that matter, lawyer: we are working with clients who are typically at a point of dramatic change in their lives. And, change is easier for some than others.