Sabine Walsh

Sabine Walsh

Sabine Walsh, LLB, LLM, Accredited Mediator, has a primary and Masters degrees in law and practiced as a solicitor in general practice for 7 years before training as a mediator. She qualified as an accredited mediator with Friarylaw. She is a native German speaker, and holds qualifications in legal German and translation. She has been selected as the Irish candidate on an EU funded advanced training course in Cross Border Family Mediation in Brussels. Based in Sligo, she is a member of the Sligo Chamber of Commerce, the German-Irish Chamber of Commerce, a Board Member of the German Irish Lawyer’s and Business Association, and the Sligo Women in Business Network. She is the Secretary of Mediation Solutions Northwest. She works as an independent mediator and mediation trainer. She provides private client mediation services in relation to family and civil and commercial disputes and also runs seminars and training days on mediation for business and professional organisations.

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Articles and Video:

Educating the Dispute Resolvers of the Future (02/09/18)
The ICC Mediation Competition in Paris, and the growing number of others like it, are contributing to a change in the way disputes are going to be resolved in the future.

Should Mediation Be Free? (04/07/17)
It’s a no brainer, right? Shouldn’t it?

New Year’s Resolutions for Mediators (01/06/17)
This year, I think I have seen more articles on why and how NOT to make New Year’s Resolutions than making them.

Making Mediation Sexy?! (10/07/16)
It’s that time of year again! Mediation Awareness Week is about to kick off in Ireland, the UK and many other countries around the world.

On Yer Bike – To the Mediation Table! (04/18/16)
The current dispute in Ireland involves multiple parties who all have strongly held positions, based on their values, interests and needs. Does this sound familiar?

Of Oysters and Unfortunate Injuries (01/08/16)
Who is Regulating Mediation in Ireland in 2016?

What Mediation and Marathon Running Have in Common (08/08/15)
I like mediating. I also like running marathons. What this says about my sanity is a question for another day, but the more I do both the more similarities I identify between the two disciplines. A recent week of particularly arduous mediation brought these similarities to mind more than usual.

Both Textbook and Handbook – Lisa Parkinson’s “Family Mediation” - Book Review (04/10/15)
Whether for family mediators in particular, or family lawyers in general, Lisa Parkinson’s third edition of ‘Family Mediation’ is the authoritative textbook and guide that no professional adviser in family disputes should be without.

The Big Irish “What If?” (01/16/15)
A couple of years ago in January I wrote a post on likely developments in Ireland in the New Year which, if I recall correctly, had the expression “High Hopes” in the title. Those hopes related primarily to the publication of a new, comprehensive piece of legislation on mediation and the impact it might have upon the practice and profession of mediation.

Giving Children a Voice (11/11/14)
“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.” Nelson Mandela

Remembering to See the Wood for the Trees – A Mediator’s Reality Check (08/08/14)
“When you look into the abyss, the abyss looks into you.” (Nietzsche) Relationship breakdown and the resulting fall-out is an abyss most people do not like to look into, even as they tumble into it. As family mediators, our job is to accompany and support people’s navigation into, through and, hopefully, out of the abyss again.

When Mediation Isn’t Mediation At All… (07/07/14)
At the risk of being accused of being too much of a purist, I just have to have a little grumble about the latest misappropriation of the term mediation. All involved in promoting and encouraging the use of mediation know how one of the largest barriers to people availing of this process is the lack of understanding of its key principles and how it really works.

Mediating in Cases in Domestic Violence – Between a Rock and a Hard Place (11/08/13)
The question of whether, and how, to mediate with couples who have experienced or are experiencing domestic violence or abuse has challenged and divided mediation professionals for many years now without consensus on how to handle such cases having been reached. Domestic abuse can be a contra-indicator for mediation for a number of reasons, mainly however that it is likely to compromise the equality of bargaining power, the free interaction with and the voluntary participation in mediation.

Mediation in Cases of International Family Conflict and Child Abduction (07/08/13)
The School of Law, National University of Ireland, Galway hosted in association the UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre, NUIG and the Irish Centre for International Family Mediation a Conference on Mediation in Cases of International Family Conflict and Child Abduction on a typically damp Saturday in May in the West of Ireland.

The Mediation Trainer’s Toolbox (04/12/13)
Having spent the last few weeks immersed in mediation theory, conflict theory, negotiation theory and a variety of other theories for various projects, including the preparation of a mediation training course, I feel the need for a little practicality.

The Impact of our Work (12/08/12)
As much as we might like mediation’s fluid and often intangible nature, every now and then it can be of benefit to come across some research which enables us to take a step back and look at the impact our work is having on our clients, even long after the execution of the Memorandum of Understanding.

10 Things Every Mediator Needs (08/06/12)
This season gives those of us working in law-related areas like mediation a little space (usually) to catch up on long neglected paperwork and reflect on what has gone before and what lies ahead. I chose to reflect on what a successful mediator really needs yesterday, while running a half marathon through the stunning scenery of Clew Bay, County Mayo in alternating glorious sunshine and torrential downpours.

Hot off the press – the Draft Mediation Bill 2012 (03/05/12)
As I sat down at my desk the other day to think about what to blog about this month, e- mails and text messages suddenly started pinging into my inbox giving me the rather exciting news that the Minister for Justice had just published the draft Mediation Bill, promised in the Programme for Government set out by the new Irish administration this time last year and scheduled, actually, for somewhat later this year (Quarter 2, 2012!).

New Frontiers in Cross Border Family Mediation (11/07/11)
Front my point of view as a mediator and as a participant in the training programme, I can see only enormous benefits for bi-national families in using mediation to resolve, and even prevent the crises that can result in children being taken from their home country and the fallout that ensues.