Carole Houk

Carole Houk

Carole Houk is a conflict management consultant and attorney specializing in the design of integrated conflict management systems for businesses and government, with a particular focus on the healthcare industry.  Ms. Houk works with organizations to develop their capacity to become conflict competent. Her client-focused firm provides consulting and strategies in conflict prevention, management and resolution, and manages a nationwide roster of conflict management professionals for the Department of Interior’s integrated conflict management system, CORE PLUS.

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Articles and Video:

Federal Ombuds Report (05/26/17)
In the decades since the initial 1990 Recommendation of the Administrative Conference of the United States (ACUS or the Conference) on federal ombuds was adopted, the milieu in which government operates has, by all accounts, become more polarized, with government itself often the target of suspicion and hostility.

A Practical Guide to Comprehensive Conflict Management Systems (03/07/14)
Many organizations have embraced alternative dispute resolution. Yet, they continue to search for more comprehensive approaches that help them not only to resolve conflicts that have escalated into disputes but also to manage risk, manage relationships and manage their bottom line. Is the answer to this search integrated conflict management systems (ICMS)?

The Internal Neutral: Why Doesn't Your Hospital Have One? (06/11/04)
The National Naval Medical Center (NNMC) in Bethesda, Maryland is the first acute health care institution in the nation to offer a full-time internal neutral for the resolution of health care issues. The data obtained thus far indicates that the presence of a well-trained and properly positioned internal neutral can be a highly cost-effective and efficient resource for resolving patient-provider conflicts.