Scott Rowlett

Scott Rowlett

Dr. Rowlett runs an ADR based business.  We however, differ from most in a few ways.  We do traditional mediation/ADR in divorce, business, GOV., education, law suits, ECT…all things covered by General Mediation and Domestic Mediation as set forth by the State of Georgia which is the only state certification process supported by the Supreme Court which allows us to operate almost anywhere in the world with credibility.  However, we also deal with and to a great extent specialize in church and ministry Conflict Resolution.

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From Scott Rowlett (10/11/11)
The service provided by is an important one because they go beyond allowing mediators to "advertise" and be easily located in the area they are needed; also educates those whom are looking for an expert mediator and helps them locate one near them. The additional education and information for everyone is a much needed service because most people will never know what a mediator is until it is too late and they find themselves in a situation needing one. Were it not for, it would be too late at this point to find the right professional for your situation.