Travis Bell

Travis Bell

Travis Bell is the Founder and CEO of The Seven Bridges Group. The Seven Bridges Group represents professional football, basketball, and baseball athletes thru its sports division, Seven Bridges Sports Management and actors, actresses and musicians thru yet a second division, Seven Bridges Entertainment or SBE.


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From Travis Bell (10/14/13)
500th Edition!! That's so awesome. The good folks at have provided an excellent platform for my practice over the years. When I started out on this journey, I was as lost as anyone could be. But by taking advantage of the training, and the articles and even becoming a contributor myself, I've grown from that 'newbie' neutral to Co-chair for the ABA Dispute Resolution Section's Intellectual Property Committee as well as a Neutral with the U.S District Court,Northern California. I'm blessed and happy to be a part of and look forward to the next 500 editions!!

Mediation in Sports Disputes (07/16/12)
The ease and flexibility of the mediation process, the unique qualities of trained mediators and the high success rate of mediation in the past proves that mediation is the perfect answer for resolving various disputes in sports.

From Travis Bell (10/11/11)
The highest praise I can give is to comment on the well established and maintained presence of which exemplifies the highest values and importance of dispute resolution processes today. offers a forum where matters of concern to anyone engaged in conflict management, from the public to the professional, can turn for an invaluable resource. It reflects the truly best application of current technology to our thinking and approach to dealing with the disputes that have been around since the beginning time. I am proud to have the opportunity to play a small part in the ongoing development of a truly unique and quality endeavor. I look forward to the continued involvement and contribution to