Francois Bogacz

Francois Bogacz

François Bogacz is a mediator, author and the founder of Neuroawareness. He is a Senior Learning Consultant at Melbourne Business School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and is currently completing his PhD at the University of Geneva in Affective Sciences, Computing and Mediation. 

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Articles and Video:

Impact of Couple Conflict and Mediation on How Romantic Partners are Seen: An fMRI study (09/28/20)
This article illustrates that mediation improves conflict resolution and is associated with increased activity in the nucleus accumbens, a key region in the brain's reward circuitry.

4th Key-Professionalism: Create a Universal Code of Disclosure (07/20/20)
Universal mediation standards have been a controversial issue ever since the rise of mediation as a dispute resolution process.

5th Key-Technology: Embrace and Integrate Relevant New Technologies (07/15/20)
Much ink has been spilled on the future of mediation, and how robots may someday take over from humans. However, mediation is not an empirical science that can be reduced to algorithms.

It’s the Journey, My Dear Fellow Human Being. (08/01/11)
I’m being asked quite often by dispute resolution professionals who have not had the chance to learn specifically about “applied neurobiology” why they should learn about the brain.