Laura Kaster

Laura Kaster

Laura A. Kaster is the 2014 Boskey Award winner for NJ-ADR Practitioner of the Year. She is a mediator and arbitrator in Princeton NJ. She has over 30 years' experience with complex and IP disputes.  Before working full-time as a neutral, she was chief litigation counsel for AT&T and a partner in the law firm Jenner & Block. She was chair of the NJSBA Dispute Resolution Section from 2011-2013 and Co-Editor of NYSBA's Journal, Dispute Resolution Lawyer. She is the president of the Justice Marie l Garibaldi ADR inn of court.








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Improving Professionalism by Improving Judgment: Keys to Advising about Settlement and Mediation (05/22/17)
When a client is involved in a dispute, we must also develop the ability to evaluate the best next step, including whether settlement negotiation or mediation would best serve the client and how to advise the client on an appropriate value at which settlement would be better than ongoing dispute.

Back to the Future? – Not Likely (03/02/15)
Mediation is evolving. It should -- as many have stated in these columns -- remain connected to its routes in the joint session and party self-determination.

Improve Your Judgment Like a Star Athlete Does (06/03/14)
Andre Agassi was admitted to the Tennis Hall of Fame in 2011. He still has something special to teach lawyers about improving our judgment.

Getting to Yes with the Dowager Countess of Downton (04/25/14)
During the long hiatus between Downton Abbey seasons, I have been contemplating why the Dowager Countess is so central to the show. Yes, of course, it is the magnificent acting of Maggie Smith that comes first to mind, but I am not focused on the acting so much as the power of the character Violet Crawley the Dowager Countess of Grantham – a power she possesses despite the absence of any authority whatever. Indeed, it is her son, Robert the Earl of Grantham, who has the nominal power. So how does the Dowager Countess so often achieve her own ends?

Robert Mnookin Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Guru Crosses Over To Patent Damages Expert (09/05/11)
In a recent decision, on remand for a damages trial in a hotly contested patent case, a California federal court has ruled that Professor Robert Mnookin, a leading negotiation theorist and Harvard Professor, may testify as an expert on patent damages.

Motion Picture Comes To Life (05/06/11)
This is a brief summary of the 9th Circuit appeal in the Facebook case and: Facebook v.Winklevoss and its teaching for advocates in mediation. It also discusses the movie Social Network which was based on the Facebook dispute.