Delores Manwar

Delores Manwar

Delores Manwar is a mediator/arbitrator based in Scottsdale, AZ.  She founded Man war Resolutions, PLLC a professional Alternative Dispute Company in 2008, after mediating in various entities in the community.  She can be reached at 480.330.7339

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Articles and Video:

Taking the "Me" Out of Mediation (10/24/11)
The "Me" impacts many areas of the mediation process. We can leave the “Me” out of mediation and replace it with an armor of understanding, empathy, open mindedness, and non-judgmental practices.

The Future of Community Mediation (07/18/11)
Our future, in my opinion, depends on how proficient we are in clearly defining and precisely getting the word out as to who, what, and where we are, and how valuable we are to the community.

Responsibility in Dispute Resolution (05/16/11)
In the world of Alternative Dispute Resolution, responsibility is something that becomes hard if not impossible to accept.