David Smith

David Smith

David J. Smith is the author of Peace Jobs: A Student’s Guide to Starting a Career Working for Peace (Information Age Publishing 2016). He teaches part-time at the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University and is the president of the Forage Center for Peacebuilding and Humanitarian Education. He is a recipient of the William Kreidler Award for Distinguished Service to the field of Conflict Resolution given by the Association for Conflict Resolution.


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Website: davidjsmithconsulting.com

Articles and Video:

Lessons from Teaching Facilitation Online (05/08/20)
What a dispute resolution teacher has learned about connecting online.

Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution Career Resources (04/03/20)
In light of the current COVID-19 crisis and adjustments that educators, universities, colleges, and employees are making to work and learning, I’ve posted lists of resources that might useful to students, professionals, and educators.

Interview with David J. Smith - The Future of Mediation - Starting a Career (04/18/19)
This is an interview by Mediate.com Managing Editor, Dr. Clare Fowler, with David J. Smith, author of Peace Jobs: A Student’s Guide to Starting a Career Working for Peace, on career opportunities for those wanting to break into the dispute resolution field.

Practice Informed By Research: Cross Cultural Approaches Informing Mediation (12/21/18)
In this article, Smith describes his views on the importance of research informing practice. He shares the experiences of his students Laura Mahan and Joshua Mahuna presenting at an academic conference including about their theory of the integration of cross cultural approaches in mediation.

Police Choices During a Crisis and a Marine Using His "Calm" Voice (10/21/16)
This article discusses the May 6 incident where a Weirton WV police officer attempted to negotiate with an assailant and then other officers arrived and shot the person. This article discusses the importance of using negotiation in seeking to deescalate violence and the need for police to have this training.

Nurturing the Peacebuilders and Conflict Resolvers of Tomorrow (05/06/16)
This piece argues for the need to work with youth, particularly at the high school and college levels, to build our profession and carry on the work of peacebuilding and conflict resolution. It provides a model for thinking about careers: direct action vs. indirect action jobs.

Starting a Career Building Peace (02/21/11)
The January tragedy in Tucson, Arizona involving Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and a number of her constituents has raised a national call for civil discourse and reminds us of the need for professionals dedicated to helping societies and individuals prone to violence. There is a vast range of careers that can play intervening roles for troubled individuals, including mental health professionals, social workers, police, and educators. Many professions work to prevent and resolve violence, as well as build peace