Pete Desrochers

Pete Desrochers

Pete Desrochers is the Founding Director of The Negotiators. He has been a mediator and negotiator for over 10 years, including international negotiations in over a dozen countries on four continents. However he is probably best known for his published articles on stress, personal relationships and conflict. A strong proponent for settling divorces and domestic issues out of court, Pete believes that gentleness and compassion can only come from strength, endeavoring to provide a safe, friendly environment to resolve even the most volatile disputes. He is equally comfortable in corporate boardrooms, standing before international tribunals or resolving children’s problems. Pete is a Collaborative Law practitioner and a syndicated social commentator in both the United States and Canada.

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Articles and Video:

Negotiation - Part 7 (10/27/17)
Many incorrectly associate “active listening” with aggressive listening, where we constantly search for a slip up or error upon which we can pounce.

Negotiation - Part 6 (08/17/17)
Exploders make up the second category of difficult people; but they are totally opposite from the Snipers we looked at before.

Negotiation - Part 5 (06/23/17)
As in real life, negotiation “Snipers” are dangerous and calculating opponents.  Snipers don’t face you head-on. They lurk in hiding or in the protection of their surroundings.

Negotiation - Part 4 (06/01/17)
This article is the 4th in a series on Negotiation, entitled Strategic Negotiation.

Negotiation - Part 3 (05/12/17)
We all function through thinking processes we develop from early childhood. These “mindsets” determine how we react, how we analyze, how we plan and how we make decisions.

Negotiation - Part 2 (05/08/17)
In preparing for an argument or negotiation we need to research the facts. We’ll never make the other party change his or her opinion if we don’t understand it.

Negotiation - Part 1 (04/27/17)
Focus and preparation are the muscles that will give us the perspective and control we need right from the starting gate.

Divorce Humor (05/06/11)
Humor in life is wherever you find it, but divorce mediations aren’t exactly the best venues for humor…or are they?

Mediators Need To Be Aware Of Online Scams (01/12/11)
As mediators, we trust and asked to be trusted. Evoking a high degree of personal and professional trust is the cornerstone of our inner arsenals. But sometimes even a mediator’s trust can be manipulated.