John Turley

John Turley

John Turley is an onlinegraduate student in Creighton University's School of Law at The Werner Institute for Negotiation and Dispute Resolution in Omaha, NE.  He plans to practice mediation and ADR full time upon his graduation from Creighton in December, 2010.     

Prior to enrolling in the program, John enjoyed a successful sales career as a global senior executive with strong international business experience with Siemens, TYCO International, Verizon Communications, and Sun Microsystems. Currently, he serves on the Mediation, ADR and Grievance Committees of the Western Wayne Oakland County Area Realtors of the National Association of Realtors in Farmington Hills, Michigan.  He is a volunteer at the University of Michigan Emergency Department and Cardiovascular Care Unit where he utilizes his negotiation and interpersonal skills to assist patients and their visitors with their varied needs and to put them at ease.   


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From John Turley (10/10/11) is a primary channel for learning what ideas are current and emerging within mediation, negotiation and ADR. It is an indispensable reference point for ADR specialists. I am honored to have contributed an article for this fine publication. Likewise, I enjoy reading the latest articles from my colleagues.

Sales And Alternative Dispute Resolution: Two Similar Disciplines Divided By Uncommon Languages (12/20/10)
Negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, and mediation practices are related, sometimes interrelated, complementary, and conflicting and oftentimes in direct opposition to complex strategic sales. The two disciplines are dependent upon skillfully managing circumstances, people, data and conditions in either a developing sale or conflict resolution scenario.