Katherine Stoessel

Katherine Stoessel

I specialize in Family and Workpace Mediation and Restorative Practices. As mediator, facilitator and coach for over 20 years, I work with families, teams and individuals to help resolve personal and professional conflicts, whether they be new and unexpected conflicts or long standing, simmering conflicts that feel intractable. As an experienced restorative practioner I have worked within the criminal justice and educational fields to address and repair the harm caused by offending and wrongdoing.

A mediator, trainer, restorative justice facilitator, and coach, Katherine trained as a community mediator in New York City in 1998. She is currently based in England and regularly mediates workplace disputes in the voluntary, public, and private sector. She has designed and implemented mediation training, and conflict programmes in a variety of governmental, educational, and non-profit institutions including, Columbia University in New York City, UNESCO and the Centre de la Mediation in Paris, and the International Federation of Trade Unions in Geneva.  Katherine has designed dialogue and conflict resolution programs in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, West Africa, and Central Africa for several International NGOs.  She is a member of Framework, a collective of independent consultants, and member of the Thames Valley Restorative Justice Team.




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Website: www.framework.org.uk

Articles and Video:

Consent in Mediation (04/03/20)
The last family mediation I did got me thinking more specifically and carefully about the principle of ‘consent’ in mediation.

Holding Up The Mirror: The Role of Emotion In Achieving Success In Mediation (10/18/10)
This article looks at what constitutes successful resolution. I believe success is often defined too narrowly resulting in missed opportunities for a thorough exploration of interpersonal issues, the potential for repair, and the expansion of options. Broadening the definition of success also has implications for how we train and develop new mediators.