Michelle Brenner

Michelle Brenner

Michelle Brenner PGDip Conflict Resolution (Macq.Univ.) was one of the first to receive post-graduate qualifications in Conflict Resolution within Australia in 1994. Since then she has been a pioneer in the practice and development of the field. She was a forerunner in mediation in local government, being the first full time mediator for an inner city Sydney council. She has consulted for the NSW Department of Education, the Federal Department of Immigration and the NSW Police Force. Michelle taught Assertive Communication at a community college. She is one of the founding members of Holistic Practices Beyond Borders Inc.  She has published 3 books, “Conscious Connectivity: Creating Dignity in Conversation”,  “Conversations on Compassion” and more recently 2022 Self-Care The real story of healing,  available at Amazon.com. Prior to her career in Conflict Resolution, Michelle was a Natural Health Therapist. She has travelled extensively and lived in Hawaii, Japan, Indonesia, Israel, France New Zealand. Michelle lives in Sydney, Australia and is a certified Nature Forest Therapy Guide.

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Articles and Video:

Self-Care (03/18/22)
The real story of healing.

Conflict is All in the Mind--or is it? (12/06/18)
I think that there is a lot of confusion in the field about how the vagal nerve and our instinctual responses affect us when we are in conflict--specifically how does the vagal nerve respond when we are scared in conflict?

Conflict in the 21st century- a revised look at our biology (10/26/18)
It does seem, as we move comfortably into the 21st century, that the earth and the inhabitants within are in constant process of adaption.

Mediation – Engaging the Rhythm of Polyvagal Regulation (10/05/18)
What do garden snails, lizards and humans all have in common?

Children Find Peace in the Forest (08/15/18)
Nature Deficit Disorder, a phrase coined by Richard Louv in his book, Last Child in The Woods, is used to describe the impact that urbanisation along with the technological era has had, in reducing the time children are having in nature, nearby nature.

Lean into Liminality (07/13/18)
This article discusses Shinrin Yoku, Using Nature Forest Therapy as a Restorative Practice.

Culturally Competent Compassion in Mediation (07/14/17)
What does culturally competent compassion mean? Is it knowing when and to whom, male or female a hand should be offered?

Grassroots Process for Resolving Structural Conflict (02/17/17)
The inmates of Darwin’s Berrimah Prison are shown in a new light in Australia’s first documentary musical. The inmates share their feelings, faults and experiences in the most extraordinary way – through song.

The Power of Context (11/17/16)
The key to cross cultural communication in mediation, is tuning into the dynamic of directional awareness.

Economy and Caring – revealing the shortfall (04/08/16)
Caring has much more applicability than compassion. Compassion is only called into being when there is suffering, when things are not going well.

Compassion Business: Whose Business is It? (10/30/15)
This article discusses a conversation between a Social Psychologist, a politician and community leaders.

Mediation Past, Present, and Future…. (02/02/15)
Mediation has been part of the story of mankind. The word mediation may be part of the 20th century English vocabulary, but the meaning behind it has roots and seeds that have been developed as long as mankind has existed.

Holistic Communication: How to Include the Heart and Soul in Mediation (08/24/11)
One of the functions of being a person as well as a professional is to survive, to be able to pay bills, keep updating knowledge and satisfy the human needs that include feeding and housing self and family. The second function which is not a runner up, but actually considered as critical for defining a human being is the need for transcendence.

Holistic Law Approach To Indigenous Incarceration (10/18/10)
This paper highlights the journey of peace building in the context of prison rehabilitation. The intention of this paper is to attempt to align the cultural, spiritual, psychological and physical aspects of indigenous conflict resolution with a practical peace building application in one of the growing industries in the world, the prison system.

Context, Consequences And Conditions: A Book Review On “Non-Adversarial Justice” (07/26/10)
‘Non-Adversarial Justice’ provides a cognitive map of the present terrain of alternative, additional and appropriate ‘other than adversarial’ ways and means of delivering justice.

Tried, Tested and Traditional: Holistic Mediation Practice (06/21/10)
'Evidence Based Practice' gives validity to remembering 'traditional' practices and invites the professional to bring traditionally tried and tested ways to contemporary conflict resolution practice.