Richard Posell

Richard Posell

Richard Posell is a full-time mediator and arbitrator based in JAMS Santa Monica Resolution Center. 

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Articles and Video:

How ADR Can Help Keep Confidential Agreements Confidential (09/08/17)
The problem of access to and maintenance of the secrecy of contracts or contract terms that are “confidential” by agreement is a common one in litigation.

E-Discovery In Arbitration (05/10/10)
The business world has undergone a digital transformation, so it is not surprising to learn that 90% of all business information is electronically stored. Recent changes in Federal and State statutory schemes, the evolution of case material and the expansion of continuing education programs on the subject of E-discovery reflect this growing reality. Overlooked in the proliferation of commentary on retaining, finding, processing and producing electronically stored information (“ESI”) is the question of how to deal with such discovery in an arbitration setting.