Monique McKay

Monique McKay
Monique is the co-founder and Director of the Master Mediator Institute and co-mediates complex, multi-party commercial, personal injury, catastrophic loss and medical malpractice cases with Robert Creo. She also has experience in community mediation including neighborhood disputes, juvenile issues and victim-offender cases. Her commercial experience includes employment, real estate and family business cases. She designs conflict resolution systems with Business Excellence Solutions.   Monique has conducted extensive research in the field of self-government for Indigenous peoples in Canada and has expertise in restorative justice and Indigenous legal and governance issues.  Monique holds a Diploma in Journalism, a BA and an LL.B. from the University of Western Ontario and a Masters in Law in Dispute Resolution (LL.M.) from Pepperdine University.   

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Articles and Video:

A Christmas Gift for Mediators (12/12/11)
Monique McKay discusses gift options for mediators. She has put together some unique "peace" ideas, and invites more suggestions.

Book Review: The Grownup ABCs of Conflict Resolution (11/14/11)
Monique McKay describes the book by Victoria Pynchon, A is for Assholes, the Grownup ABCs of Conflict Resolution.

Book Review: How Leading Lawyers Think (09/26/11)
'How Leading Lawyers Think' by Randall Kiser is a rare inside look at decision making, mediation, negotiation and case evaluation from the perspectives of leading attorneys who have successfully taken thousands of cases to trial. Their collective experience provides engaging, insightful perspectives about how cases are built from the initial client meeting, through settlement negotiations and the factors that impact the presentation at trial.

It Turns Out That Humans Make Human Decisions (03/15/10)
I googled the question “What makes a good lawyer?” and found 49,300,000 results. There are lots of articles about analyzing, taking positions, fighting, winning and being a good adversary. Reading these articles wakes up the competitive side in me. I love the logic of the law, researching positions, thinking up clever arguments and advocating a cause. And forget happiness, I love the pursuit of the victory.