Michelle LeBaron

Michelle LeBaron

Michelle LeBaron is a tenured professor at the UBC law faculty and is Director of the UBC Program on Dispute Resolution. She joined the Faculty of Law in 2003 after twelve years teaching at the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution and the Women's Studies program at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. From 1990-1993, she directed the Multiculturalism and Dispute Resolution Project at the University of Victoria. Professor LeBaron has lectured and consulted around the world on cross-cultural conflict resolution, and has practised as a family law and commercial mediator. She was called to the Bar of British Columbia in 1982 after articling at Campney and Murphy in Vancouver. Professor LeBaron has just completed a new book on conflict resolution across cultures with colleagues from six different countries, to be released in fall 2005 by Intercultural Press. She continues to pursue research into creativity, the arts and multiple ways of knowing as resources for bridging cultural differences.

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Articles and Video:

Diversifying the Mediation Profession (08/01/19)
Michelle LeBaron describes how professionals currently in the mediation field might develop new processes of working with more different populations to build on the diversity of practitioners.

Interview with Michelle LeBaron - Views from the Eye of the Storm (11/28/17)
This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with Michelle LaBaron, a leading expert on cross cultural dispute resolution issues, filmed as part of Mediate.com's 'Views from the Eye of the Storm' Video Series.

Bodies at Work: Moving Toward Alchemy (04/10/15)
The single most neglected truism in mediation, whether virtual or in person, is that it does not happen without bodies. We do not mediate with beings in other realms (unless we attach a very different meaning to mediation than is contemplated in this collection of articles on the future of our craft). Thus involving those with current corporeal substance, we mobilize to engage and reach toward understanding while literally standing our ground.

Exemplary Leadership: How Dispute Resolution Professionals Change Cultures - video and materials (08/21/12)
In this address, Professor LeBaron explores how special education dispute resolution professionals can contribute to educational cultures of inclusion and creativity.

Michelle LeBaron: Three Differences in Conducting Trainings - Video (07/11/10)
Michelle LeBaron talks about three things she does differently in mediation trainings she conducts: not role-playing, deepening capacities instead of teaching skills, and not teaching culture in modules.

Michelle LeBaron: Mormon Conflict Resolution Processes - Video (07/08/09)
Michelle LeBaron shares that mormon communities would historically handle conflicts by following the admonitions of the priesthood.

Michelle Lebaron: Using Roleplays and Avoiding Perpetuation of Stereotypes - Video (06/04/09)
Michelle LeBaron explains one of the things she does different as a trainer, which is having people do role-plays with their own real issues instead of contrived scenarios.

Michelle LeBaron: Therapy Session Inspired Desire to Affect Positive Change - Video (05/08/09)
Michelle LeBaron describes that she first came upon the idea of practicing mediation and creating positive change in a therapy session.

Michelle LeBaron: Developing Capacities Within Training - Video (05/04/09)
Michelle LeBaron describes what she means by teaching how to develop capacities within her mediation trainings. She speaks of emotional fluency, intuitive and imaginitve capacities, and cultural fluency.

Michelle LeBaron: Mediation Trainings Personal - Video (05/03/09)
Michelle LeBaron discusses how she gets trainees to think about conflict in their own lives.

Michelle LeBaron: More Mediation Diversity in Canada than in US - Video (04/03/09)
Michelle LeBaron expresses her thoughts on why the mediation field may be more ethno-culturally diverse in Canada than in the United States.

Michelle LeBaron: Conflicts Often Resolved Through Unexpected Processes - Video (03/29/09)
Michelle LeBaron describes how conflicts are often unexpectedly resolved from surprising connections among parties.

Michelle LeBaron: Differences in Canadian and American Mediation Fields - Video (03/04/09)
Michelle LeBaron shares her views on the differences between how the mediation fields in America and Canada have been shaped and practiced.

Michelle LeBaron: Mediaton as Interruption of Parties' "Dance" - Video (03/03/09)
Michelle LeBaron explains her work as interrupting people's dance within a conflict.

Michelle LeBaron: Cultural Differences Among American & Canadian Approach - Video (02/04/09)
Michelle LeBaron talks about Americans' attitude of risk-taking and Canadians' vast cultural awareness, which make for different dispute resolution processes.

Michelle LeBaron: Not Implementing Own Practices in Politics - Video (02/03/09)
Michelle LeBaron discusses one of the challenges she sees in the field as not having the willingness to implement values of dialogue with people who are on the 'other side' politically.

Conflict and Culture: A Literature Review and Bibliography (1992-1998 update) (11/15/98)
Review by: The Alternative Newsletter Editor, James Boskey
Published by: The Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA 22030-4444 (75pp 1998)

Pro-life And Pro-Choice Advocates Seek To Bridge The Great Divide (07/01/98)
A growing number of citizens believe that consensus building techniques can help pro-choice and pro-life advocates find some common ground - and they are proving it. In cities around the United States and Canada, independent dialogue groups have been working to forge consensus on issues related to abortion - if not on the abortion issue itself - and they have made some remarkable progress.


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