Benjamin Papa

Benjamin Papa Benjamin Papa is a family law attorney and mediator and founding partner of the firm Papa & Roberts, PLLC in Brentwood, Tennessee.  Ben has degrees in psychology, religion, and law and has been practicing law since 2000 and mediating since 2003.  In addition to family mediation, he is trained in parent coordination and collaborative divorce.  He is an Advanced Practitioner for Family Cases through the Association for Conflict Resolution.

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Articles and Video:

Divorce Mediation: Is Separate Always Better? (10/12/09)
It is our experience that the vast majority of divorce mediators in Middle Tennessee conduct all divorce mediations with the parties in separate rooms from beginning to end. This seems to be true regardless of whether the parties have children together, their ability to communicate effectively, or the general level of conflict they are experiencing. This article challenges the premise that “separate is always better” and asks whether automatically separating the parties in divorce mediation serves the parties well, especially long-term.