Grace Eagle Reed

Grace Eagle Reed

Grace Eagle Reed has a MA in Conflict Resolution, is a broadcaster on community radio, and founder of MAPS. She has written ‘Needs’ and Negotiating Shadows: Journey to the Sun.  Her next book, “Old Lady Rolling: My Year with Occupy” will be available soon.

Ms. Reed has been working with extreme conflict for over 30 years with addicted people, especially youth at-risk and their families, within diverse communities both in Europe and US. She has  a BA in Drama Therapy and MA in Conflict Resolution.  She does outreach work in Portland, Oregon with the gang violence task force with youth on the streets, in juvenile justice and the community. She conducts seminars and training courses using creative expression research techniques for mediators or others who want to work with extreme conflict.    

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Articles and Video:

From Grace Eagle Reed (10/14/13)
I feel that anyone who brings a sustainable, long term multi-perspective project such as to this very troubled, self-centered world with all it's broken systems with solutions and choices is to be praised. Thanks James for giving me an opportunity to publish once in awhile the work I am doing to bring conflict resolution to the table.

A Mediator's Reflections on the Occupy Movement (01/30/12)
The police in Portland, unlike other cities of its size, became national examples of progressive community policing during the Occupy Movement. By calmly responding to the conflict around them, they are open to ongoing community feedback, are continuing to look for ways to do a better job and are using better judgment when they have to restrain protestors. Their patience and openness is appreciated by all involved. It is also the perfect example of a counter-story peacefully challenging the accepted stock story, for the betterment of all involved.

Could Transformative Models Of Mediation And Restorative Justice Have Made A Difference? (03/22/10)
On November 30, 200, a young man, Maurice Clemmons, was shot to death after he shot 4 cops in a coffee shop near Seattle, Washington. Might transformative or restorative justice mediation have made a difference?

Am I A Thug Hugger? (11/23/09)
I was giving a lecture on the work I did in a Juvenile Justice center and was trying to persuade the audience on the importance of restorative justice using transformative models of mediation and negotiation. After the lecture a man came up to me and said, “This soft on crime thing keeps more gangs on the streets. You thug huggers don’t help.” I thanked him and started to research what a ‘thug hugger’ meant.

Negotiating Shadows: Working With Extreme Conflict (07/06/09)
Taking a risk of the unknown is scary for most human beings but is particularly true for deeply conflicted people with raw emotional expression. It is a challenge for the average mediator to work with this kind of extreme emotion.