Julie Denny

Julie Denny

Julie Denny spent fifteen years in marketing and business development for Dow Jones, McGraw-Hill and the Associated Press and four years with the Alliance for Mediation & Conflict Resolution before founding Resolutions in 1998. She works with individuals and organizations, using mediation, facilitation, training and coaching to foster constructive communication. Organizational clients include Draft Worldwide, American Express, Johnson & Johnson, Roundabout Theatre, Girl Scouts of the USA, DeVry University and a number of small family owned businesses.

An Advanced Practitioner member of the Workplace and Family Sections of the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR), Julie is also a mediation panelist for the EEOC, US Postal Service, the Transportation Security Authority (TSA) and the Key Bridge Foundation ADA program. She is a certified mediator and former Associate of the Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation. A former reviewer of books on conflict resolution and mediation for Library Journal, Julie has also been featured in Court-TV, Bloomberg Network and NY1 segments on mediation. She currently serves on ACR Board as Chapters Director and is former President of the New York Chapter and a former Tri-Chair of the Workplace Section of ACR.

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Website: www.resolutionsforyou.com

Articles and Video:

The Importance of Emotions in Mediation (06/28/13)
This article highlights the importance of recognizing and acknowledging emotion in mediation. It gives several examples of mediators who broke through impasse by sensitive probing for unspoken feelings in one or both parties. It lists a number of clues that those undpoken feelings may be present and It acknowledges the tendency, particularly in business, to focus only on the rational to the exclusion of the emotional, and disputes that practice.

From Julie Denny (10/11/11)
I wrote an article years ago about Finding a Mediator and it was published on Mediate.com. I still get responses to this article, business from it and affirmation for it! Thanks mediate.com. People really read your stuff!

Constructive Confrontation (03/20/06)
Trapped, intimidated, afraid, angry, tearful, panicky. When I ask clients to word-associate with conflict, those are some of their answers. Yet conflict can be an opportunity for personal growth, improved communications, better relationships and even untapped creativity. By mastering a few simple tools, you can alter your perception of conflict and learn to confront constructively.

Choosing A Divorce Mediator (07/03/00)
Finding and selecting a mediator can be easier if you follow some simple steps. In the best of circumstances, divorce is an uncomfortable process. Take the time to assure you have a mediator whom you like, respect and believe to be qualified to help both of you negotiate that equitable settlement.