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Over 40 Years Resolving Family and Interpersonal Disputes

Firm Profile

As part of an interdisciplinary practice, clients can choose to work solely with Paul for conflict resolution, or compliment that process with financial or relationship rebuilding consultations. In interdisciplinary mediation, the mediator acts as the primary coordinator of the case.

In the first mediation meeting, the mediator helps clients negotiate any temporary arrangements to stabilize their dispute during the negotiation of the permanent settlement. Then, the mediator coordinates the mandatory completion of disclosure forms and document production by the clients. Next, the mediator does a general overview of all the issues with the clients, providing neutral legal information in working toward a resolution.

After this introductory overview, the clients have the option to continue working solely with Paul as their mediator, or also with the relationship and financial rebuilding specialists from within the office. In doing so, as the agreement is coming to completion, clients have the advantage of understanding the impacts of their resolution both on a relationship-preservations standpoint as well as a financial standpoint - outlining the financial impacts not only of today, but down the road as well. The client is in charge of the process at all times, and makes all decisions as to with which specialist they work.

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Becoming a Client

Are you willing to engage in a constructive, non-adversarial dispute negotiation with the other party? Do you have an open mind for a fair and reasonable outcome of your issue? Are you open to new possibilities for resolutions to your dispute? Do you want to resolve your issue quickly and economically?

These are questions you need to answer when considering if mediation is right for you. Mediation is only successful when each party is willing to resolve their issue(s) fairly. The mediation process is more informal than arbitration or court processes. This allows people to discover underlying interests they may have in common, and can result in creative and flexible solutions.

Mediation is usually much less costly than court appearances. Disputes can be resolved in less time. The mediation process gives you control over the outcome of your dispute-mediators will help you communicate in different ways than you might otherwise. Any resolution requires the agreement of all parties before becoming final.

How We Work

With over 30 years of experience in mediation Paul Pearson brings a 95% success rate to his clients of successful out-of-court mediation resolution.

Through effective listening and effective discussion, proposals are crafted to guide clients through creative alternatives that they may not have thought of on their own. At the onset, clients are given basic NY State laws and ground rules that apply to their particular situation.

Our mission is to work with each case to constructively and openly move from dispute to resolution in a manner that is not only fair, but also preserves relationships.

Areas of Practice

  • Divorce Conflict
  • Family Conflict
  • Business Conflict
  • Estate Conflict

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