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Hi, my name is Clare Fowler and I’m here to tell you about Mediate.com. Mediate.com is, in short, “Everything Mediation.” Everything Mediation for both people considering mediation and for mediation professionals.

For those considering mediation, let me suggest that you first visit “About Mediation” at www.mediate.com/About. At About Mediation, you can come to a fuller understanding of the mediation process, learn about selecting a mediator and how to use mediation most effectively.

You can further explore Mediate.com’s vast content by visiting our home page for all of the latest articles, news, and blog postings, and also be sure to check out our Sections Page, Content Search, and Video Center links. You can also search Mediate.com by Topic or Text at the top of any page of our site.

You can find a mediator or other dispute resolution professional at the top of every page of Mediate.com and also search for professionals from the main Mediate.com Directory Search Page at www.mediate.com/Search. You can search by type of professional, geographic location, type of matter and name. You can also search by additional professional services and membership organizations. After getting your search results, click on a professional’s name for complete information about that professional. If you would rather have complete information on up to 5 mediators sent directly to your email address, you can use our Mediator Referral link. Along the way, be sure to take note of the local Featured Mediators in the right margin of the Mediate.com site.

Finally, take note that Mediate.com offers our Marketplace, Calendar of field-wide trainings and events and our comprehensive list of Mediation Organizations. All of this is free.

You can ensure your ongoing receipt of quality information about mediation by joining Mediate.com as a Member. Full Information about Mediate.com Membership is available at www.mediate.com/Membership.

Thanks very much for visiting Mediate.com and for utilizing the mediation process.


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Mediate.com In business since 1996, Mediate.com is the world’s leading mediation and dispute resolution website with over 7 million annual site visitors.  Mediate.com serves as a bridge between professionals offering dispute resolution services and individuals and businesses needing those services. Mediate.com was awarded the 2010 American Bar Association Institutional Problem Solver of… MORE >

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