Sample Online Mediation Curriculum



Session 1 – Welcome and Overview of ODR (2 hrs)

A.  Welcome, Introductions and Participant Outcomes
B.  Zoom Review and Advanced Features
C. What is Online Mediation?
      1. The Evolution of ODR
      2. Asynchronous and Synchronous Interaction, eCommerce
      3. Advantages and Disadvantages of ODR
      Exercise: Developing a Checklist (Business Plan) for Your New Online Services

Session 2 – Tech Skills with People Online (2 hrs)

A. Security & Data Protection
B. Videoconferencing, Polling, and Surveys
C. Workbooks / solution explorers / collaborative workspaces
D. Assisted negotiation / offers / bidding
E. Calculators

Session 3 – Designing Your Online Mediation System (2 hrs)

A. Open Question Forum
B. Case Management
C. Document sharing
D. Collaborative editing
E. e-signing and e-signature
F. Calendaring

Homework before next class: Find an option for intake, calendar, scheduling, record a video, and develop a social media help platform

Session 4 – Expectations in a Post-Pandemic World and Online Mediation Ethics (2 hrs)

A.  Expectations - Post-Pandemic Workplace
B.  Ethical Standards and Dilemmas for Online Mediators
      1. Access
      2. Transparency
      3. Impartiality/Neutrality
      4. Confidentiality, Privacy, Security Best Practices
      5. Information and Data Security
      6.  ICODR Standards

C. Digital Accessibility and Accommodations
D. What Cases to Take
E. How to Deal with Online Threats

Session 5 – How Can We Help Offices in This Brave New World (2 hrs)

A. Social Media Help
B. New Schedules and Platforms
C. Flexible/Hybrid Processes: Facilitation, mediation, climate assessment, culture change, coach, consulting, union, performance improvement plan

Session 6 – Making it Real (2 hrs)

A: Practice Intake and Role-Plays
B. Group Consulting on Social Media- videos and help
C. Designing a Collaborative/Office-Self-determined process
D. Next steps