Forums Schedule

Forrest (Woody) Mosten, Online Mediation Training Task Force Chair, and Jim Melamed, Board Chair, invited colleagues to participate in six (6) Open Forums, each 2 hours in length, to learn more about and further inform our Task Force work.  Information on the Task Force is at:

Registration for these Open Forums was without charge.  The importance of public education and discussion opportunities for our field and to our society is so substantial that the Task Force wanted to encourage maximum attendance and participation.  The result: over 800 mediators and dispute resolution professionals from more than 40 countries participated in's Open Forums.

April 23 - How Can We Best Support the Global Growth of Mediation? - SEE VIDEO
Hosts:  Bruce Edwards & Tara Ollapally


April 30 - Forum on Online Mediation Training - SEE VIDEO
Hosts: Susan Guthrie, Donna Silverberg & Jim Melamed


May 7 - Standards, Ethics & New Technologies for Online Mediation & Online Mediation Training - SEE VIDEO
Hosts: Colin Rule, Leah Wing, Dan Rainey & Melissa Kucinski


May 14 - Forum on Experiential Training and Mentoring - SEE VIDEO
Hosts: Tricia Jones & Forrest (Woody) Mosten


May 21 - Beyond Mediation Forum: Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice, Coaching and Limited Scope Representation - SEE VIDEO
Hosts: Brian Galbraith & Forrest (Woody) Mosten

May 28 - Online Mediation Training for Youth and Schools - SEE VIDEO
Hosts: Clare Fowler and Jonathan Rodrigues