Final Report - Online Mediation Quotes

“If you squint your eyes and look into the future, there will be very little, if any, difference between ADR and ODR.”
Jim Melamed

“Welcome to the online mediation revolution” 
Forrest (Woody) Mosten

“Online mediation and online mediation training are here to stay.” 
Tara Ollapally

"Technology will be omnipresent in the future of dispute resolution. Mediation training must reflect this new reality."
Colin Rule

“Are we as a mediation field best organized to embrace the unprecedented opportunity to grow online mediation?” 
Forrest (Woody) Mosten

“Online Mediation Training is the greatest opportunity in the history of the field.”
Michael Aurit

“This last year has been transcendent for all of us.” 
Bruce Edwards

“Online mediation is now mediation, and mediation is now online mediation.”
Jim Melamed

"It is not the mediators who will lead in bringing technology into the mediation process -- it is the parties who will insist that it be included."
Colin Rule

“Regarding training, the technology allows us to transcend borders.” 
Bruce Edwards

Training requests have increased with the online training option.  A part of the reason has to do with the ease of training online.  You don’t have to book a meeting room and get a caterer. You just push a button. Online mediation training has simplified the offering and taking of mediation training.
Clare Fowler

“We have a generational opportunity to grow mediation globally. And this is going to happen online. It is not going to happen in the brick and mortar world.” 
Jim Melamed

Online mediation access is a key breakthrough for unrepresented parties.
Woody Mosten

Building rapport and trust with online parties is a necessary skill for competent mediators.
Woody Mosten

“How can we best train mediators online?  This question is not just for online mediators, but also includes how can we best utilize the online environment to better train “face-to-face” mediators.”
Jim Melamed

In the public policy area, another way to create a hybrid process is to take helpful field trips with the group being facilitated.
Donna Silverberg

“People follow standards, generally speaking, because they make sense and they work.  Standards do something for you.  They keep you in proper boundaries.”
Dan Rainey

Should mediators be responsible for training and supporting disputants in using the technology that will be employed during their mediation?
Leah Wing

“Online mediation practice introduces new ethical concerns, concerns that should be raised as part of any mediation training.”
Colin Rule

“Trust in online confidentiality, security and privacy are going to be key.”
Lara Traum

“What we are all about is growing and sharing the wisdom of the work that we do as mediators, conflict resolvers and educators.”
Tricia Jones

“A mentor/coach is a way of being.”
Juliana Birkhoff

“The process of establishing a Mentoring Contract is key. Both mentor and mentee understand the stated expectations and deliverables. The contract can be altered, but in an intentional and stated manner.”
Michael Lang

“Part of a mentor’s role is to assist the mentee in looking forward to a professional practice as an ongoing learning process.”
Susan Terry

“The future of ODR is more promising than the initial mediation movement.”
Lara Traum

“We have been living through a cannibalization process. Online mediation is eating face-to-face mediation.”
Alberto Elisavetsky

With the increase in remote mediation, many mediators are managing caseloads that have multi-jurisdictional elements. With each individual now remote, often in different jurisdictions, the lines and standards to apply have become blurred.”
Melissa Kuchinski