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Final Report of the Online Mediation Task Force

The Task Force on Online Mediation is holding it's final online Zoom event on Friday, September 24 at noon Eastern; 9 a.m. Pacific. The Task Force's website at

There is no cost to register for the 90 minute "Final Report Forum."  We will review the Primary Recommendations of the Online Mediation Task Force Report  with Task Force members, who will also share their impressions of the most important Report and committee recommendations and resources. 

We will also be sharing a number of comments (submit below) and considering a number of registrant questions (also submit below).

Here is a link to the Complete Task Force Final Report (PDF)

Easier to read component Report parts are here:

September 24 Forum Agenda

1.  Welcome

2.  Chair Woody Mosten Task Force Overview

3.  Primary Task Force Recommendations

4.  Topical Discussions

a.  How are Online Mediation and Online Mediation Training Impacting the Global Growth of Mediation?

b.  What Are Notable Opportunities for Enhanced Access to Online Mediation and Online Mediation Training?

c.  The Development of Online Mediation Ethical, Practice and Training Standards

d.  How Best Renovate Mediation Trainings - Encourage Online Mediation Training?

e.  How Best Grow Online Experiential Training & Mentorship Opportunities?

f.  How Best Elevate Recognition of Online Mediation and Training as a Necessary Response to Climate Change?

5.  Consideration of Pre-Submitted Questions and Comments

6.  Closing Comments

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