Task Force Committee Assignments

Task Force Committees

Forrest *Woody” Mosten, as Task Force Chair, is an ex officio member of all sub-committees. Woody will formally appoint sub-committee members, mostly from the Task Force Advisory Board, based upon the recommendations of sub-committee chair(s).

Beyond Mediation: Conflict Coaching, Life Coaching, Collaborative Practice & Consultants to Mediation
Co-Chairs: Brian Galbraith and Pattie Porter
Members: D.A. Graham, Amy Skogerson, DeAnne Pladson, Sam Imperati, Jonathan Rodrigues, Tricia Jones

Community Mediation 
Chair: D.G. Mawn
Members: Arron Addison, Kabrina Bass, Brandon Brown, Sara Campos, Corinne “Cookie” Levitz, Charles A. Lieske, Norma López, Jeanne Felicity Zimmer

Cross Jurisdictional  Issues                    
Chair: Melissa Kucinski
Members: Obi-Farinde Morenike, Michael Coffee, Marvin Johnson, Ai Kuroda, Angelia Tolbert, David Hodson

Cutting Edge Marketing for On Line Mediation
Chair: Susan Guthrie
Members: Alberto Elisavetsky, Gabrielle Hartley, Jonathan Rodrigues, Michael Aurit

Ethics, Standards and New Technologies          
Chair: Colin Rule
Members: Obi-Farinde Morenike, Linda Seely, Leah Wing, Sharon Sturges, Tim Hedeen, Dan Rainey

Experiential Training: Clinics, Simulations & Video Feedback  
Chair: Tricia Jones
Members: Doug Frenkel, Melissa Kucinski, Judge Elizabeth Potter Scully, Tim Hedeen, Julian Portilla, Sukhsimran Singh, Lara Traum, Bruce Edwards, Jan Martinez
Family & Elder Mediation              
Chair: Susan Guthrie
Members: Ken Neumann, Peter Salem, Lara Traum, Gabrielle Hartley, Linda Seely
Global Mediation Development: Developing Cultures of Mediation                     
Chair: Tara Ollapally
Members: Obi-Farinde Morenike, Bruce Edwards, Lara Traum, Ken Cloke
Mentoring & Case Consultation         
Chair: TBD
Members: Vivienne Fey, Angela Haberholz, Chris Lahatte, John Settle, Susan Terry, Howard Herman, Cherise Hairston, Amanda Semenoff and Patricia Draves

Public Policy & Large Group
Chair: Donna Silverberg
Members: Winter Wheeler, Ken Cloke

Chair: Clare Fowler 
Members: Winter Wheeler, Angela Reddick-Wright

Youth and Schools                                  
Chair: Clare Fowler
Members: Sherril Ellsworth, Linda Seely, Jonathan Rodrigues