Cross Jurisdictional Issues

Cross Jurisdictional  Issues                    
Chair: Melissa Kucinski
Members: Obi-Farinde Morenike

Report on Multi-Jurisdictional Issues in Mediation (from Melissa Kucinski)

With an increase in remote mediation, many mediators are managing caseloads that have a multi-jurisdictional element (at times, unintentionally). In the past, a mediator and the parties could physically sit in the same jurisdiction, often where a court case was pending, and everyone knew or understood what laws, standards, and ethical considerations applied to the structure and process of the mediation. However, with each individual in a remote mediation process potentially located in a different jurisdiction, the lines have been blurred. This paper will define what issues may arise in a multi-jurisdictional mediation process, and focus on the necessary training elements to handle these multi-jurisdictional implications.