One Minute Lesson on Changing Your Brain

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How do you change your brain? Pay attention to what you’re paying attention to; watch your mental flashlight. How do you help others to change their brains (e.g., parties to a dispute, attendees at a presentation)? Facilitate their attention, be an attention choreographer, an attention conductor.

Nothing new. We’ve looked at this critical role of attention in neuroplasticity many times before here on this blog. However, it’s nice to have quick (under 60 seconds) and smart reminders of the role of attention and the fact that we are never too old to change our brains. And that’s what Anette Prehn has created . . .

Click to watch her video on self-directed neuroplasticity
Click to watch her video on teaching old dogs new tricks
Note: Prehn’s telecourse on reframing started February 15. And to see more videos as she posts them, watch this space on YouTube.


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