ODR Theory and Practice: Table of Contents, Forward, Introduction & First Chapter: ODR Past, Present & Future

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As a service to the ADR and ODR fields, Mediate.com is honored to make the book “Online Dispute Resolution: Theory and Practice” by Mohamed S. Abdel Wahab, Ethan Katsh and Daniel Rainey ( Eds.) available. We here begin with the Forward, Introduction and First Chapter of “Online Dispute Resolution: Theory and Practice.”

    Online Dispute Resolution
    Theory and Practice

    Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Ethan Katsh & Daniel Rainey
    ( Eds.)

  • History, Present & Future
  • ODR and Theory
  • Lessons for Systems

  • Artificial Intelligence & ODR

  • Mobiles & ODR
  • Cross-Border

  • ODR and e-Commerce
  • ODR for Consumers
  • Online Reputation Systems
  • ODR and Culture
  • ODR and Interpersonal Trust
  • ODR and Government
  • ODR and Justice
  • ODR and the Courts
  • ODR and Ombudsmanship
  • ODR and eNegotiation
  • e-Mediation
  • ODR and e-Arbitration
  • ODR in North America
  • ODR in Europe
  • ODR in Australia
  • ODR in Asia
  • ODR in Latin America
  • ODR in Africa

    Forward to Online Dispute Resolution: Theory and Practice
    by Professor Richard Susskind OBE
    IT Adviser to the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales
    President of the Society for Computers and Law

    Is court a service or a place? When people or organizations are in dispute, must they congregate in physical courtrooms to resolve their differences?

    Introduction to Online Dispute Resolution: Theory and Practice

    This book is intended to provide an in-depth analysis and overview of not only the past
    and present but also the future of ODR.

    Chapter One:
    ODR: A Look at History – A Few Thoughts About the Present and Some Speculation About the Future

    by Ethan Katsh

    To many today, ODR is viewed as an extension of ADR in that it largely supports ADR
    processes and the third party neutral at the heart of ADR processes. It also continues the
    trend of locating dispute resolution outside the formal institutions supported by government. As it evolves further, however, ODR may be as different from ADR as ADR is from
    litigation in court.

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    Daniel Rainey

    Daniel Rainey is a mediator, author and trainer, and a principal in Holistic Solutions, Inc., an organisation that offers training and consulting in a variety of conflict engagement modes.  Until 2017, he served as the Chief of Staff for the US National Mediation Board and is the Co-Chair of IMI’s… MORE >


    Ethan Katsh

    Professor Ethan Katsh is the director of the Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution and Professor Emeritus of Legal Studies at the University of Massachusetts. Along with Janet Rifkin, he wrote the first book on ODR, Online Dispute Resolution: Resolving Disputes in Cyerspace (2001).  Professor Katsh is a graduate ofthe… MORE >


    Mohamed S. Abdel Wahab

    Dr. Mohamed S. Abdel Wahab (MCIArb.), Licence en Droit (CAI), LL.M. (CAI), CIArb Dip. International Commercial Arbitration (Balliol College, Oxford University), MPhil and Ph.D (Manchester University, UK), is an Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law (Cairo University, Egypt).  He is a Founding Partner of Zulficar & Partners where he serves as… MORE >


    Richard Susskind

    Professor Richard Susskind OBE is an author, speaker, and independent adviser to major professional firms and to national governments. His main area of expertise is the future of professional service and, in particular, the way in which the IT and the Internet are changing the work of lawyers. He has… MORE >

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