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Colin Rule

A Strange Aversion To Confrontational Politics

(8/16/10)Colin Rule

John Judis in The New Republic: "Why has the White House failed to convince the public that it is fighting effectively on its behalf? The principal culprit is clearly Barack Obama. He has a strange aversion to confrontational politics...

John Folk-Williams

Can Government Solve Big Problems Collaboratively?

(7/12/10)John Folk-Williams

The Open Government Initiative of the Obama Administration has given high priority to increasing the use of collaboration in the federal government. Yet many federal offices have not in the past encouraged the sort of collaborative mindset that is necessary for meaningful efforts in this direction.

Colin Rule

Obama Meets The House Republicans

(2/08/10)Colin Rule

This video was UTTERLY MEZMERIZING to watch. Really an incredible event in modern American politics - it begins: "Part of the reason I accepted your invitation to come here was because I wanted to speak with all of you, and not just to all of you. So I'm looking forward to taking your questions and having a real conversation in a few moments. And I hope that the conversation we begin here doesn't end here; that we can continue our dialogue in the days ahead . . ."

Colin Rule

Don't Blow It

(10/19/09)Colin Rule

But that’s not just directed at Mr. Obama. It’s directed at all of us. What the president promised was a “global plan,” not an American plan. The same is true on all the other issues that the Nobel committee cited, from nuclear disarmament to climate change — none of these things will yield to unilateral approaches. They’ll take international cooperation and American leadership.

Holly Hayes

Industry Responses To Medical Malpractice Reform In President Obama's Health Care Plan

(9/14/09)Holly Hayes

President Obama’s Plan on Health Care includes a provision on medical malpractice reform that instructs the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award medical malpractice demonstration grants to states funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

Diane J. Levin

A Dispute Resolution Quote Of Note

(9/14/09)Diane J. Levin

Here’s something for all of us, regardless of political persuasion, to think about as America debates the big issues:

Phyllis Pollack

One Word

(4/13/09)Phyllis Pollack

Last week, there was a pretty important mediation. It involved a lot of parties - 20 to be exact - on a very important issue- the global economy. It took place in London and was co-mediated. The primary mediator - Prime Minister Gordon Brown of Britain- seemed to be doing a good job - moving all of the parties forward toward a resolution.

Kevin Forrester

Peace is Nonpartisan

(3/30/09)Kevin Forrester

Didn’t the party of peace win this election cycle? No, the party of peace didn’t win this election cycle. There is no party of peace.

Colin Rule

Conflict Resolution Governance

(3/30/09)Colin Rule

The president tends to seek conflict resolution rather than drama. He has been compared to Franklin D. Roosevelt, confronted with an economic crisis.

Kenneth Cloke

Letter To President Obama

(3/02/09)Kenneth Cloke

Thank you. As conflict resolution professionals, practitioners and scholars, we have noticed and profoundly appreciate your efforts to change the process and tone of how differences are managed, both in Washington and around the world. We value your experience, understanding and commitment to conflict resolution, and offer our full support to you and your administration in your efforts to promote peace, collaboration, and consensus in domestic and international relations.

Joshua N. Weiss

Obama's Negotiation with Iran

(2/23/09)Joshua N. Weiss

In this podcast, Joshua Weiss discusses United States President Barack Obama's decision to consider the possibility of negotiations with Iran.

Jeff Thompson

Hillary Clinton: Currency Before Compassion?

(2/23/09)Jeff Thompson

Is this the same direction that we thought the Obama Administration was going to head in? What happened to Conflict Resolution, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Mediation as well as Negotiation? For those who thought the USA planned on pressing China on human rights issues, newly appointed Secretary of State and former First Lady, Hillary Clinton, said the following on her first to to Asia including China:

Alan Sharland

President Barack Obama's Effective Communication

(2/16/09)Alan Sharland

Well, President Obama is now making his mark on the world by speaking on the various issues that he will have to deal with over the next 4 years of his presidency. Already it is clear that he uses language that promotes effective communication and conflict resolution, and while I'm sure he is not an avid reader of this site and the Principles espoused on it, his means of communicating reflects many of the Principles that this site describes and the practice of mediation it draws its inspiration from.

Colin Rule

The Mediator-in-Chief

(1/26/09)Colin Rule

Well, I suppose no long time reader of this blog would be surprised to hear I'm in a good mood today. This has been a dark period in our nation's history, and I'm filled with optimism today that we'll be able to heal this nation and get back on the right path. Obama's words reaffirm my hope that he would bring an understanding of the importance of resolving conflicts into the Presidency.

Jim Melamed

Obama, Miracle on the Hudson and a Society of Collaborative Excellence

(1/16/09)Jim Melamed

What are the odds of Barack Obama becoming our President? And what are the odds of 155 passengers surviving a plane crash into the Hudson River? This is not everyday stuff. It is what is possible. It is what is best. Does all this portend a new culture of collaborative excellence?

Noa Zanolli

The First Conversation between President Barack Obama and President Mahmoud Ahmadinedjad

(12/08/08)Noa Zanolli

In the series of private and fictitious conversations among presidents and among state and non-state leaders that see each other as adversaries or even as enemies, comes this imagined dialogue between President Obama and President Ahmadinedjad. It takes place on Saturday, February 14, 2009 at the U.N. in Geneva.

Robert Benjamin

The Obama Presidency and the Future of the Conflict Management Business: The Mediative Leader and the Activist Mediator

(11/05/08)Robert Benjamin

While premature to presume, there is cause to believe, or at least to hope, based on the model of his presidential campaign that the leadership style and governance of President-Elect Barack Obama will be a boon to conflict management practice and a valuable endorsement of mediation.

Victoria Pynchon

Obama And The Politics Of Despair

(10/21/08)Victoria Pynchon

There's nothing like getting a new Harpers in the mail to upset my idealistic dreams of a new America flourishing under an Obama administration. Ouch! I read this magazine for the same reason I watch Fox News. To upset my own comfortable ideologies. That's the trouble with us liberals -- we're always fretting about being fair, when, according to Harper's Roger Hodge we're just a big bunch of conflict-avoidant pussies.

Robert Benjamin

People I Hate, Negotiation and the Presidential Election

(9/03/08)Robert Benjamin

What is the "right stuff" to mediate or negotiate with people whose values you detest and actions you hate? How the current presidential election tests our principles and thinking about negotiation and lessons to be learned from history.

Diane J. Levin

Barack Obama: mediator to a divided nation

(9/02/08)Diane J. Levin

In the days after the towers fell on September 11, 2001, Americans everywhere came together to honor the dead and demand justice. The world stood beside us, sharing our shock and grief. That unity proved short-lived. “You’re either with us or against us” became U.S. foreign policy, alienating long-time allies. Pursuit of war against Iraq tore Americans apart as the U.S. divided into two opposing camps, red state from blue. Earlier this year, conservative pundit Rush...

Anna Spain

The World is Looking to Obama — and America

(7/16/08)Anna Spain

Despite all the media coverage of the national election campaign, most Americans probably don't realize how captivated foreigners are by Barack Obama, let alone understand why.

Kenneth Cloke

Thoughts on Mediation, Barack Obama, and Our Political Future

(5/27/08)Kenneth Cloke

The emergence of Barack Obama as the front-runner for the Democratic nomination, and thus for the Presidency of the United States, presents us with unprecedented opportunities to influence global dispute resolution strategies and shift the prevailing paradigm of adversarial politics and diplomacy.

Matthew J. Bailey

CLINTON VS. OBAMA: Mediating a Solution to the Democratic Nomination Battle

(4/21/08)Matthew J. Bailey

Another process is needed to negotiate an end to the nomination, one through which the candidates’ interests will be explored and fairly addressed. Using traditional mediation principles, this article explores how mediation might be successfully used to settle the dispute between Senators Clinton and Obama of who will be the Democratic nominee for President this year.

Peter Adler

Ten Questions on Leadership for Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Barack Obama

(3/24/08)Peter Adler

The U.S. presidential run-up is a time to think about politics, conflict and leadership. The collective challenges we face -- balancing freedom and security, maintaining economic and environmental sustainability, educating our young people, and assuring the health of those who cannot take care of themselves -- crisscross all sorts of historic borders, jurisdictions, and purviews. Making headway on these challenges will necessarily be a team sport.

How will Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Barack Obama approach them? Imagine for a moment that we could engage all three candidates in an extended dialogue that goes beyond the sound bites and platform promises we have grown too accustomed to. Here is what I would ask:

Barack Obama

Barack Obama’s Speech on Race

(3/19/08)Barack Obama

We find Barack Obama's speech on race to be a top flight example of the kind of mature consideration our most divisive issues deserve and need. We here present the text of Senator Barack Obama’s speech on race in Philadelphia.

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