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Do You Use "BATNA" Wrong?
by John Lande
Having reviewed negotiation publications and listened to colleagues, I can confidently assert that most of us grossly misuse the term “BATNA.”

The Role of the Apology in Abuse Redress Schemes
by Greg Rooney
The profound apology has been an essential part of abuse redress schemes adopted by a number of religious institutions in Australia for supporting victims of abuse within their organisations.

Mediation Advocacy Beyond the Norm
by Paul Monicatti
Pre-mediation summaries give an advocate the latitude to set a non-adversarial tone conducive to joint problem solving.

ISO Strong Mediator
by Arthur Pressman
As I approached this article, I expected that how attorneys describe what qualities they want in a mediator would depend upon the case, the side the lawyer is on, the opponent, one’s own client, and mostly how the lawyer sees the mediator’s role. My research proved otherwise.

Restoring Autonomy to the Clients – A Mediator’s True Calling?
by John Sturrock
A whole day of mediation without a “joint meeting”.

Mediation in the News

Ecuador seeks mediator to resolve 'untenable' Assange standoff: minister
Ecuador is seeking a "third country or a personality" to mediate a final settlement with Britain to resolve the future of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. 

Irish Mediators welcome commencement of Mediation Act
2018 promises to be, “a significant year in the development and practice of mediation in Ireland as a result of the Mediation Act coming into force.”

After firing, Garrison Keillor in mediation talks with Minnesota Public Radio
Garrison Keillor is in mediation with Minnesota Public Radio after his former employer fired him for allegations of "inappropriate behavior" with a co-worker late last year.

Theater Professionals Can Seek Mediation in Sexual Harassment Cases
Members of the theater community now have a new option for how to address sexual harassment. A mediation service for theater professionals involved in sexual harassment incidents was announced. The service, facilitated by an approved mediator, will be confidential.

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Conflict Resolutions for 2018!
Cinnie Noble

On the Road to Solutions that Work for All
John Sturrock

Confusing Dispute Resolution Jargon
John Lande

Children and ADR
Shirli Kirschner

When Your Boss is a Bully
Lorraine Segal


Not to decide may be to decide.

The bigger the issue, the greater the opportunity for agreement.

I would rather be an optimist and be wrong than be a pessimistic and be right.

Power is the ability to influence the decisions of others.

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