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MARCH 2019

Featured Articles 

13 Tools for Resolving Conflict in the Workplace, with Customers and in Life
by Lee Jay Berman
Here are some tools for avoiding and resolving disputes in the early stages, before they become full-blown conflicts

Control Emotions Better by Labeling Them
by Tammy Lenski
When we want to control emotions better in the midst of a difficult conversation, we may try to ignore the unwelcome emotion or try the opposite, indulge it.

Introduction to Embodied Conflict: the neural roots of conflict and communication
by Tim Hicks
Embodied Conflict presents the neural encoding function in layman’s terms, outlining seven key characteristics and exploring their implications for communication, relationship, and conflict resolution.

Evaluative Mediation-- Elephants in the Room?
by John Wade
This article explores in relation to “evaluative” or “advice-giving” mediation, what are possible working descriptions, typologies, variations, expressions used, diagnosis and suitability, advantages and disadvantages, and common hurdles.

Should Retired Judges Mediate?
by Armita Azad
Why use judges to mediate? This is a frequent question and an understandable one, given the relatively high cost of scarce judicial resources and the already heavy demands on judges' time.

Mediation in the News

Ohio Auditor Wants to Expand Public Records Mediation Program
Under Ohio’s Public Records law, many local and state government records must be provided to the public, upon request. There is a mediation program in place to resolve disputes over what is and isn’t a public record. The state official in charge of that program wants to expand it.

Gov. Ned Lamont says he fully supports foreclosure mediation program, but it could be absorbed into state’s court system
A Lamont spokeswoman said the governor “fully supports” mediation services but noted the current caseload of 12,000 is less than half of the 27,000 when the program was created a decade ago.

How an outside mediator helped broker Virginia's new solar legislation
“Nobody got everything they wanted, but it advanced the cause of rooftop solar and net metering,” an advocate said.

Ethical Principles for Online Dispute Resolution
With an increasing proportion of our lives taking place online, it is not surprising that alternative dispute resolution is quickly becoming an online dispute resolution (ODR).

Time Limited Mediation
It seems clear that time-limited mediation is widely used and here to stay, bolstered by both pragmatic and principled benefits.

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Featured Blog Posts

Pew Charitable Trusts Calls for Standardization of US Court ODR Programs
by Beth Graham

Mediation vs. Litigation for High-Conflict Divorce
by Michele Lowrance

How Can We Sell The Mediation Product If We Haven’t Worked Out What It Is?
by Greg Rooney

How Three Geniuses Solved Workplace Conflicts
by Melissa Marzett

New Mediator Self-Reflection Tool
by Susan Yates


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