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Construction Mediation: Ten Tips for Success
by Steven Bennett
Construction projects often produce disputes. Mediation can help resolve such disputes, quickly, confidentially, and efficiently. This Article offers ten tips for success in mediation.

Sample Agreement To Mediate
by Jim Melamed
This sample Agreement to Mediate now incorporates the confidentiality of digital communications with participants and their advisors.

The Tax Reform Law Impacts Families
by Dr. Lynne C. Halem
The attached articles highlight further effects of the tax reform, one specifically focused on Prenuptial Contracts, and the second more generally on family financial decisions.

Co-Parenting Tips During a Divorce
by Mitch Cohen
By following some simple tips and committing yourself to being the best co-parent possible, you can help to ensure your children thrive during and after the divorce.

How to Write an Effective Mediation Summary in 6 Steps
by Grace Carter
Your mediation summary can make the process easier both for yourself, but also the mediator.

Mediation in the News

Professional mediation can help Everglades restoration
Independent mediators – what the researchers call "wetland restoration brokers" – could help navigate the economic and political pressures that make restoring wetlands and other natural resources challenging.

Early mediation leads to better outcomes
A new study from researchers at Singapore Management University (SMU) has identified three crucial factors that influence the likelihood of a case being settled through mediation.

State agencies seeing unprecedented demand for mediators
A state agency tasked with providing mediators is seeing an unprecedented demand for them.

What Can Advisors Do When Family Disputes Threaten Client Wealth?
Expensive lawsuits or standoffs that damage businesses the family is arguing about can threaten the very work you’ve done over time. You’ve tried to preserve wealth and keep families on track. They can ruin your best efforts.

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Featured Blog Posts

What Do Litigants Really Want? 
John Lande

3 Ways to Turn Adversaries into Problem-Solving Partners 
Tammy Lenski

Cinnie Noble

Stop Giving Others Insult Power 
Ron Kraybill


Diplomacy is the art of letting someone else have your way.

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