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MAY 2018

Featured Articles 

Want to Know the “Secret” to Managing Confrontational and Aggressive Behaviors?
by Kevin Stapley
In this article, you will learn two key methods that experienced de-escalators use to maintain control of these high risk, high emotion situations, and guide the agitated person back into a calmer state of mind.

Five Huge Benefits of Choosing Mediation for Your Divorce
by Emily Andrews
Let’s face it, divorce is messy and painful and can be very expensive. Here is how mediation can help.

3 Reasons Agreements Get Derailed: Tales of Team Conflict
by Mark Baril
If you have a dynamic “living system,” there is no silver bullet for perfect team behavior or production - and you wouldn’t want it any other way!

Why You Want to Mediate Guardianship Disputes
by Lee Drizin
Settling the issue of who should take legal guardianship over a ward can be a long, drawn out, and tedious process.

What I Learned About Conflict From Cheetahs
by Cinnie Noble
The dwindling of the cheetah population is due to the conflict between them and men.  There are many lessons to learn from this conflict.

Mediation in the News

Historian wants mediator to settle Fugitive Slave Chapel spat
A London historian fears a fight over leadership of the Fugitive Slave Chapel project may threaten the site's future.

Best Practices for Construction Mediation Success: Preparing for Mediation
Preparing for mediation includes choosing a mediator, deciding on the logistics of mediation and submitting pre-mediation statements.

Chestnut Hill awaiting mediation in racial discrimination case
Chestnut Hill College, run by the Sisters of St. Joseph, is awaiting a mediation with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (or PHRC) in a case of racial discrimination that has brought the school criticism for how it has handled the legal proceedings.

Michigan Agricultural Mediation Program offers free services to producers
The Michigan Agricultural Mediation Program is helpful if issues arise with lenders, creditors or the USDA agencies over loans, credit, wetland determinations, farm program compliance, crop insurance or other agriculture-related topics.

In The Future Blockchain Will Solve Many Real-World Problems -- Even Arbitration
At its core, what is a court system? The answer is that people are trying to find the truth in a given situation, such as whether an agreement was broken.

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Featured Blog Posts

The Need For Preparation!
by Phyllis Pollack

Two-Step to Prioritize Relationship
by Ron Kraybill

The New Handshake: Using ODR to Create Value for Consumers and Businesses
by John Lande

This Common (but faulty) Reasoning Leads to Bad Decisions
by Tammy Lenski

How Teams Can Work Together Despite Opposing Views
by John Ford


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