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A Dent in the Universe
by Bruce Edwards
What have we learned from the mediators working tirelessly to promote the institutional and cultural changes necessary to implement mediation within their home countries?

Harvard Shares Five Tips for an Experienced Mediator
by Samuel Dinnar
Harvard Negotiation Institute’s Samuel Dinnar shares his recommendations.

Eldercare Mediation: Setting Families up for Success
by Kathleen Kauth
Working with families to help an older adult identify how they want to spend their final years and communicate it to all involved parties.

Why Your Leadership Style May Be the Source of the Conflict
by Kayla Matthews
While many employees face workplace challenges like co-working conflicts or miscommunication, a bad leadership style can be even more catastrophic.

Dealing With Defensiveness In High Conflict People
by Bill Eddy
When most people think of high conflict people (HCPs), they think of bad behavior. The goal seems to be to get them to STOP their bad behavior, by verbally motivating them to have insights. However, the high conflict behavior of HCPs is not driven by logic and self-awareness.

Mediation in the News

Mediation and Leadership
Mediation and leadership have much in common.

Is Your Pre-Litigation Mediation Clause Well-Drafted? A Cautionary Tale
The popularity of pre-litigation mediation clauses continues to grow. 

The Role Of Humor In Mediation - No Laughing Matter!
Mediation is serious business. But, nonetheless, a process which has room for – and, indeed, a need for – humor at the right moments.

New online tool for parenting plans avoids cost, conflict: B.C. legal services society
Putting together a parenting plan in B.C. has gotten a bit easier. The provincial Legal Services Society's (LSS) MyLawBC Family Resolution Centre is now allowing parents to craft their plan online.

Pros and Cons of Caucus Versus Joint Session in Business Dispute Mediation
Caucus versus joint session. Every mediator has a different view on the subject. Some rely heavily on caucus, and some try to avoid it. Some recommend a joint session followed by caucus while others advocate the reverse.





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Featured Blog Posts

Do Parties Trust Mediators When They’re Not in the Same Room?
by Jennifer Shack

What’s Sex Got to Do With it: Questioning Research on Gender & Negotiation 
by Michael Moffitt

Apologies Are Not for Everyone!
by Phyllis Pollack

Reflections on Our Field and Possibilities for Improvement 
John Lande


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