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JUNE 2021

Featured Articles 

Mediators Like Online Mediation And Other Verifiable Facts
by James Claxton
This post provides an overview of some findings from an empirical study on online mediation. Nearly 500 mediators from around the world answered questions about advantages, obstacles, best practices, and settlement rates. The post provides an overview and analysis of English-language responses.

How to Help Parties With Disabilities Without Discriminating
by Dan Berstein
When we perceive that someone may have a disability, it is common to think about ways to help that person. But assuming that someone needs help is paternalism, and it can be a form of discrimination.

Diversity at the Mediation Table – How Do We Get There?
by Maria Apostolidou and Melanie Koch
What do you think? Should there be quotas for training courses, universities, or even mediation sessions?

We Should Replace Mediation Models with a Unified Conceptual Framework
by John Lande
A quarter century ago, Professor Leonard Riskin published an article describing a grid of mediator orientations including a facilitative-evaluative dimension.

New Mediators' Guidance from Youth Conference
by Jonathan Rodrigues and Clare Fowler
This article summarizes the Young Minds, Global Voices Conference. This conference was sponsored by in an effort to hear from younger mediators. 

Mediation in the News

Feasibility of Online Mediation in Consumer Redressal Mechanism
This article covers the meaning of ODR, the outlook of various nations towards it, why there is need of this new phenomenon and its use in Consumer Redressal.

Mediation in the UK - continued growth and an online revolution
A new report on the use of mediation, together with our recent experiences of conducting mediations online during the COVID-19 pandemic, has highlighted that this form of dispute resolution is growing and evolving in both Scotland and England & Wales.

Judge orders mediation in transgender rant beer toss case
A New Jersey judge has ordered mediation in the case of a middle school vice principal who threw beer at people who were filming his wife’s rant against a transgender woman’s use of a public women’s restroom.

Mediation can solve boundary disputes
The Boundary Disputes Mediation Service comprises a mixed panel of mediators, lawyers and surveyors, all experienced in boundary and neighbor disputes, who can provide a quicker and cheaper alternative to litigation.

Felony mediation popular option to unclog court system
With the announcement that in-person jury trials will resume in Scott County, many are wondering how the court system will keep up with an already massive backlog of cases due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Featured Blog Posts

Can We Learn to Have More Empathy?
by Katherine Graham

Face and Mediation
by Dan Simon

Being Offended is a Choice
by Kathleen Kauth

Proposal for Standard Explanation in Mediation
by John Lande

A Lot of Common Sense and a Little Mazel Can Go a Long Way
by Nancy Shuger


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