Professor/Trainer/ Consultant

11730 Kallgren Rd NE
Bainbridge Island, Washington 98110
 (206) 780-8487 


Certificate Program in Alternative Dispute Resolution (15 units), Pepperdine University School of Law (Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution) 1992

Juris Doctorate, Ventura College of Law (cum laude) 1984

Masters in Education, University of Southern California (summa cum laude) 1977

Bachelor of Science, University of Southern California (magna cum laude) 1976


Admitted to the State Bar of California June, 1984

Ryan Multiple Subject, Learning Handicapped, Community College, and Resource Specialist Teaching Credentials

Mediation Experience

Mediation Partner/Consultant - Wisconsin Special Education Mediation System (WSEMS), provided training and consultation to the Wisconsin mediation panel and the State of Wisconsin special education system. 2006 - 2017.

Director and Senior Mediator - The Mediation Center (Ventura, California)  facilitated and mediated approximately 4,000 disputes dealing with all aspects of family law, wrongful termination, work place, business, and education law.  1985 to 2007.

Mediator/Consultant - California State Department of Education/McGeorge School of Law, handled multi-party mediations between school districts, Departments of Mental Health, Regional Centers, private agencies, Children's Services, and parents. Provided training programs for mediators. 1989 to 1996.

Board of Directors and Founding Member - Ventura Center for Dispute Settlement, co-founded the first non-profit community based mediation center in Ventura County; including application for funding, developing and implementation of training programs, coordinating community outreach and fundraising, development of professional panel. President of the Board of Directors, May, 1990 to January 1, 1999.

Mediation and Negotiation Trainer (1991 - current) 

Academy of Family Mediators, locations throughout the United States,  1991- 2000.

Administrative Office of the Courts, Salt Lake City, Utah,  2010

Accountants Incorporated, San Francisco, California, 1998-2001

Alberta Family Mediation Council, Canada, 2003

American Bar Association Annual Conference, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2011,2012, 2015   

American College of Civil Trial Mediators, Half Moon Bay, California,  2017  

Arbitration and Mediation Institute of New Zealand, Auckland, New Zealand, 2013

Arizona ACR Chapter, Phoenix, Arizona, 2013

Asian Development Bank and the Government of India in association with the  Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, Pepperdine University,1997 - 1998 (New Delhi, Bombay, India)

ANDRI, Detroit, Michigan, 2006

Association for Conflict Resolution Annual Conference, presenting institutes and workshops from 2001 to current 

AT&T, Corporate Division, New Jersey, 1996

Association of Family and Conciliation Courts Annual Conferences, presenting institutes and workshops nationally and internationally from 1991 -  2016 

BCCAT - Vancouver, Canada, 2012

Beech Acres Mediation Program, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1999

CADRE (Special Education) Conference, Eugene, Oregon, 2015, 2017

California Association of Realtors, various locations in California, 2002- 2016 

California Special Education State Wide Conference (SELPA), 2017, 2018, 2019

California State Department of Education, Sacramento, California, 1992-1994

California Department of Real Estate, Los Angeles, California, 1993-1994, 2002- 2016

California Family Court Services, Los Angeles, California, 1998

California Judicial College, (various locations in California, 2000-2002

Center for Public Policy, University of Texas, 2005

CNA Insurance Company, (various locations), 1997

Continuing Education of the Bar (CEB), various locations in California, 1992-1993

Dispute Prevention and Resolution, Inc. Honolulu, Hawaii, 2005, 2010

Doctors Company, Napa, California, 2006

Dutch Association of Professional Family Mediators, The Netherlands, 2005

Equal Employment Advisory Council, 1996-1997

Family Mediation Canada, 2005

FMS (Family Mediation Services), London, England, 2000

FMS (Family Mediation Services of Ireland), Dublin, Ireland, 2000

FMS (Family Mediation Services), Edinburgh, Scotland 2002

Farmers Insurance Company, various locations through the US,1992-1997, 2005

Florida Association of Professional Mediators, Jacksonville, Florida,1997

Gates Foundation, Seattle, Washington, 2009

Hawaii Judicial Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii, 2005

Hazelden Foundation, Duluth, Minnesota, 2012

Idaho State Deparment of Education Office of Dispute Resolution, Boise, Idaho, 2018

Institute for Conflict Resolution, Asheville, North Carolina, 2012

International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, various locations throughout US, 2010, 2011, 2016, 2018

Jones School of Law (Faulkner University), Montgomery, Alabama, 1997

Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services (JAMS/Endispute), 1992-1998

Judicial College of California, various locations throughout California, 2000 - 2002

Kaiser Permanent Medical Group, various locations in California, 2002-current

King County ADR Program, Seattle, Washington, 2010 - current

LERA (Labor and Employment Relations Association) Seattle, Washington, 2017  

Lakeside School, Seattle, Washington, 2013

Lewis and Clark CLE, Portland, Oregon, 2010- 2015 

Los Angeles District Court, Los Angeles, California, 2000-2009

Los Angeles Unified School District, Los Angeles, California, 1997

Los Angeles Superior Court Mediation Program, Los Angeles, California, 2000-2009

Lincoln Lancaster Mediation Center, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1994, 1995

MACRO - CDRUM Baltimore, Maryland, 2011-current

Maine Association of Mediators, Portland, Maine,1997

M.A.R.C. (Argentina), 1994-1999

MARC, Chicago, Illinois, 2004

Massachusetts Collaborative Law, Boston, Massachusetts, 2012

McGeorge School of Law, Sacramento, California,1990-1993

Mediation Council of Illinois, Chicago, Illinois, 1998

Merrick Bank, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2018

Minnesota Continuing Legal Education (MCLE), 2005-current  

Minnesota Realtors Professional Standards Committe, Minnesota, 2018  

Monterey College of Law, Mandell Gisnet Center for Dispute Resolution, 2017

MPELRA, Vancouver, Canada, 2012

Nashville Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC,) Nashville, Tennessee, 2002, 2004 - 2015

National Aeronautics and Space Administration, (NASA) Goddard Space Center, 2007-current

National Judicial College, Reno, Nevada, 1996, 1997

National Judicial Council Vancouver, Canada

Nationwide Insurance Company, various locations throughout the US, 1997,1998, 2005-2009

Nevada Conflict Resolution Council, Reno, Nevada, 2009

New Jersey Bar Association, 2003

New Mexico State Bar Association, Albuquerque, New Mexico,  2000, 2001, 2010 - 2013

New York Collaborative Law Council, 2012

New York Divorce Mediation Council, 2003

North Carolina Association of Professional Family Mediators, Eton College, North Carolina, 2006

Northwest ADR Conference, Seattle, Washington, 2010-current, plenary speaker 2011, 2014- 2019,

Office Depot, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1999

Ohio Mediation Association, 2007, 2013

Orange County CPA Professional Association, Irvine, California,1996-1997  

Orange County SELPA, Fullerton, California, 2018

Orange County Superior Court, Irvine, Californa, 2005

Oregon Attorney Assistance Program, Portland, Oregon, 2011

Oregon State Bar Professional Liability Defense Fund, 2009   

Pacific Coast Labor and Employment Conference, Seattle, Washington 2018

Pennsylvania Bar Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,   2011-current

Pepperdine University School of Business, Malibu, California, 1997

Public Employee Relations Commision, Olympia, Washington, 2014, 2018

Rutter Group, various locations throughout California, 1994, 1997

San Jose SELPA, San Jose, California, 2018

San Luis Obispo Family Law Bar, San Luis Obispo, California, 2004

San Luis Obispo SELPA, San Luis Obispo, California 2018  

Seattle Public Schools, Seattle, Washington, 2017  

Seminar Partners, Canada, 2018

Sherwin Williams Paint Company, 1997

Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution Annual Conference, various locations in US, 1999, 2000

Solano County Courts, Solano, California, 2007

Southern California Edison, Los Angeles, California,1995

Southern California Mediation Association, Los Angeles, California, 1994-1996, plenary speaker: 2000, 2006

South Texas College of Law, Austin, Texas, 2001

State Bar of California, San Diego, California, 1999

State Farm Insurance Company, various locations throughout US, 1998

Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, Pepperdine University School of  Law, 1990-current

Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts, Knoxville, Tennessee, 2003

Tennessee Association of Professional Mediators, Nashville, Tennessee, 2013

Tennessee State Bar Association, Nashville, Tennessee,1998-2012

Texas Association of Mediators, various locations in Texas, 2005-current

Texas State Bar Association, various locations in Texas, 2001-current

The Maryland Insurance Company, 1996,1997

United States Bankruptcy Court - Central District of California, 1998

United States Federal District Court, Los Angeles, California, 2002 - 2008

United States Navy - Pt. Mugu, China Lake (Human Resources), 1997

University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho,1997,1998

University of New Mexico Law School, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1997,1998

University of Texas Conflict Resolution Program, 2008 - 2015

Utah Administrative Office of the Courts, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2009

Utah Conflict Resolution Council, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2009

Utah State Bar Association ADR Conference, plenary, 2017

Ventura Association of Realtors,  Ventura, California, 1996, 2003

Ventura Center for Dispute Settlement, Ventura, California, 1989-2005

Ventura County Bar Association, Ventura, California,1989- 2005

Ventura County Superior Courts, Ventura, California,1993, 1998

Ventura Family Court Services, Ventura, California, 1998

Washington DC Multi-door Courthouse, 2012

Western Washington Bankruptcy Court, Seattle, Washington, 2018  

Wisconsin Association of Mediators, Milwaukee,Wisconsin, 2007- 2009

Wisconsin Collaborative Law, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 2010

Wisconsin Special Education Mediation System, Madison/Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 2007- 2017

Yuba Superior Courts, Yuba, California, 2007

Teaching Experience

Adjunct Professor - Pepperdine University School of Law - Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution;  Divorce Mediation, Cross Cultural Dispute Resolution, Negotiation, Advanced Mediation, 1995-current.

Adjunct Professor - Southern Methodist University; Divorce Mediation, Administrative Mediation, Advanced Family Mediation, Advanced Negotiation, Mediation, Culture and Gender, 1999- 2016 (dispute resolution program); Counseling Diverse Communities 2007- 2012 (counseling program)

Adjunct Professor - Lipscomb University, Cross Cultural Issues in Negotiation and Mediation, 2007- 2014

Instructor - Ventura College of Law, Negotiation and Mediation, Alternative Dispute Resolution- 1990-1997.

Guest Instructor - National Judicial College, California Judicial College, California Lutheran University, University of Idaho Law School, Jones Law School, University of New Mexico Law School, South Texas College of Law, Columbus School of Law

Legal Experience

Sole Practitioner - General civil legal practice with emphasis on family law, educational law, wrongful termination, personal injury and appeals - 1986 - 1990.

Associate Attorney - Law Offices of John Pattie - handling all aspects of family law, educational law, wrongful termination, and personal injury actions. 1984 - 1986.

Of  Counsel - Law Offices of Taylor, Roth and Hunt - handling Title 7 employment discrimination suits. 1984 - 1986.

Law Clerk (Internship) - Ventura County District Attorney's Consumer Fraud and Economic Crime Unit, 1982.

Honors and Memberships

Emeritus Fellow, American College of Civil Trial Mediators

Honorary Fellow, International Academy of Mediators 

Life Time Achievement Award, American College of Civil Trial Mediators, 2017

John Haynes Distinguished Mediator Award, international award for leadership in the field, 2005

The Outstanding Mediator Award, award given by the Ventura Center for Dispute Settlement, 2005

The Peacemaker Award, national award given by the Southern California Mediation Association, 1992

Association for Conflict Resolution, Executive Committee and Board of Directors, 2000 - 2002, Advanced Practitioner Member 2000- 2016

Academy of Family Mediators - Past President of the Board of Directors, 2000, Practitioner Member

Association of Family and Conciliation Courts Life Member

Southern California Mediation Association Board of Directors, 1993-1995,

Ventura County Bar Association - Board of Directors,1989- 1992 

American Jurisprudence Award (Alternative Dispute Resolution)

Corpus Juris Secondum Award (Criminal Law and Constitutional Law)

Honor Societies: Phi Kappa Phi,  Alpha Lambda Delta, Mortar Board, Delta Theta Phi, Order of the Laurel


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