Discrimination lawsuit against city heads to mediation

Discrimination lawsuit against city heads to mediation

A former Rocky Mount police captain’s lawsuit claiming he was not hired to be the top cop because he is white is going to mediation.

A U.S. District Court document filed on Wednesday showed an order saying the attorney for Marty Clay and the attorneys for the City of Rocky Mount conferred and selected Ann Anderson as a neutral go-between to seek to have both sides come to an agreement.

Anderson is listed on the internet as an attorney in Pilot Mountain, which is along the U.S. 52 corridor between Winston-Salem and Mount Airy.

According to the federal court document, Anderson is going to confer with both sides about the scheduling of a mediated settlement conference, determine the place and time of the conference and give notice to both sides.

Once the conference is completed, Anderson is going to submit a report to U.S. District Court Clerk Peter Moore Jr., the document said.

And on July 11, the City of Rocky Mount, via attorneys Steven Rowe and Kaitlin Dewberry of the Poyner Spruill law firm, filed an answer with the court to the lawsuit stating an across-the-board denial of the allegations by Clay and providing a list of legal defenses.

Clay applied for the police chief’s position on Jan. 29, 2021, and he was not interviewed. Clay also had unsuccessfully sought the position as far back as 2018.

Clay filed paperwork on April 28 seeking an extension of time to file a lawsuit in Guilford County Superior Court in the Triad region and on May 18 he filed a complaint with the court, with the text of the complaining document marked as an exhibit.

The City of Rocky Mount responded on May 31 by giving notice the dispute was being shifted to U.S. District Court because it involves issues regarding federal laws.

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