Dayton’s mediation option for some police calls gets high marks, may expand

Dayton’s mediation option for some police calls gets high marks, may expand

Dayton’s first-of-its-kind mediation responder program has only been up and running for about three months but some officials say it has been so successful they want to expand it and add more staff.

Response to de-escalate neighbor trouble, noise complaints, parking issues frees up police for other calls.

“We’ve been talking about this for years, of trying to get to situations quicker in the conflict to try to help out,” said Michelle Zaremba, director of the Dayton Mediation Center. “It’s been so powerful to have the (Mediation Response Unit) come out to each house and work with people as they’re in the middle of this crisis.”

A breakdown of the calls the Dayton Mediation Response Unit handled in the first two months of operation. CONTRIBUTED

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